How To Operate An Espresso Machine

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hey everybody it's not any chances I

will show you how to operate an espresso

machine let's get straight into it so

basically we've got a two group machine

here so the groups are based on how many

places the handle can go so basically

you can make up to four coffees at one

and we've got a hot water spout here

which is for the tea

now I'll give you a quick introduction

onto the bottom see are now being a

digital machine it's going to be

completely programmable the way it's

program right now this bottom here will

do a single shot espresso this will do a

double this will do two espressos this

column here is not to continuous hot

water this one could be perfect or what

if you like and that's for just hot

water for tea and of course here is a

month of the spin now all the special