CNC Basics - What You Need To Get Started

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- [Kevin] Oh, (beep).

(drill whirring)

If you're on the fence about

getting a CNC router,

then this is the video for you.

Let's take a look at the core workflow

used to run a hobbyist CNC router.

This video will focus on three-axis CNC routers,

which are the most popular among hobbyists.

This includes the LongMill, Shapeoko, and X-Carve

to name a few.

Notice they all have three axes.

The X, Y, and Z.

The basic workflow required to run these

can be broken down into three main sections.

First, you come up with a really clever

design on the computer.

Second, you take the design

and create instructions that describe how to carve it.

This process is called CAM,

more on that later.