CNC Mill Tutorial

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this is the CNC mill you can use it to

make any projects for classes or even

for fun I'm going to show you a typical

way to set up your stock in the mill

right now it's mounted to this block

these are called parallels they're

machined in sets so they're perfectly

flat and square to each other we're

gonna use these to help mount our stock

in the vise so before you put anything

in the vise you want to make sure that

it's clear of any debris this just

ensures that you have a flat surface to

mount your part on so we're gonna put

these parallels up at either end of the

vise and then we're going to step our

set our stock on the parallels so the

bottom edge is resting on top of these

parallels and the edges are gonna get

squeezed in by the vise I'm going to put