CNC lathe setup part 1

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in this video we're going to be learning

how to set up the cnc lathe to do the

lathe setup you will need your part

plans the setup steps a piece of

material cut several inches longer than

you need a dial caliper a micrometer a

half inch gauge block a 1/1000 thickness

gauge and something to write with to

start up the Machine flip the power

button it's a red dial on the left hand

side of the machine I'm now going to

twist the red V stop button we press

start and this will boot the controller

the first step for your setup is going

to be to perform what's called a machine

0 this is going to bring the machine

back to its 0-0 location to do that I'm

going to press machine 0 on the

controller I'm going to do the x-axis

first so I press the X arrow pointed

downward and once it all movements