#43 Starting A Christmas Tree Farm - Our First 6 Months [RECAP]

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alright hey everyone its Phil and stacy

out here woods tree farm and guess what

it's been six months since we bought

this property can you believe in it now

yeah I can it feels like longer yeah we

have done a lot here in our first six

months so we wanted to do this little

video to celebrate the the milestone and

to recap some of the work that we've

done out here so far we've produced 40

some 1 to 40 something videos so far I

can't and I'm sure you haven't watched

them all but you should go back and

watch them they're great but we'll do a

little recap here of many of the

projects that we've done and then we'll

give you a little insight into what's

next so start it start us off back in

November of last year we came here this

property was overgrown and generally

just kind of neglected for probably a

couple years so first thing we did was

what just cut back everything right

right yeah yeah we bush hog we cut back

limbs around the edge of the property

kind of explore the property to figure

out what we were gonna do next where

we're gonna plant trees clean up around

the pond you know cut some dead trees

down or trees that we just didn't want

in certain areas of the field next we we

had a fit sign that went right down the

middle of the open field area where we

were going to plant trees and um it was

just grown up in between with red cedars

which actually we ended up using some of

those for Christmas trees but it was all

of the what is a bit steep t-post

yeah I was fencing with tipos barb were

just regular fencing so we had to cut it

roll it up we had somebody come and take

it away for scrap metal but and then we

would bush hog in between it really just

open the field up for better views and

more planting yeah and actually a lot of

those Cedars that we took out our knock

down and they're still over there in the

middle okay so that's all

coming up next to do some time we're

gonna pile those up in Verna so the

probably the the first big construction

project was building the fire pit right

actually that's right behind it yeah and

it's not your average fire pit um we

wanted to do more agritourism here at

the farm so long haul we needed a big

fire pit to host a lot of people but

also tall enough we're at little

children or adults wouldn't fall in we

got a lot of extra material from my dad

at his house that he had leftover from a

project so we used that around the fire

pit as the base layer and then we

brought in cinder blocks I got my arm

workout that day and pulled all the

cinder blocks off of the trailer while

still place them in the area and what we

realized was the kids actually worked a

lot with us on that project and that was

kind of a fun family thing to do we need

one of those things we didn't really

notice we were looking at the video and

we could just see they were in the shots

a lot doing right a lot of little things

so Hudson loved helping Caroline too and

even though they're little it was just

great to see them help out around the

farm yeah the next big construction

project was building a bridge we had a

16 foot long footbridge that we built

across one of the little creeks that

feeds the prawn just over here to our

right and that goes over to what we call

the hidden field there's no easy way to

get over to that field without crossing

some sort of muddy area so we've got

this work creek yeah so we built this

bridge and now it's very accessible in

the play houses over there now which is

another thing that's more recent on our

list we bought this little Playhouse and

put it over there and the kids just love

going over there that's their player so

as we were nearing the planting season

we didn't know what the soil was like on

the farm so we reached out to the

Extension Office and got them to come

out they were great they did multiple

soil tests around and it's like a a

multiple selection around the air

to grab all the soil that you want to

test so kind of get a better idea of

what the soil is really like they go

down about 12 inches to get a core and

then send it off to Virginia Tech and

tested it out so then we got fertilizer

brought in because our soil was needed a

lot of nutrients a lot of nutrients very

neglected over the year so we think it's

doing well at this point but that was

super helpful to know ahead of time all

right and if you've been watching our

videos you know at some point since we

bought this property we bought a new

tractor the Kubota L 3901 there's a

bunch of videos with that in it and that

has been an invaluable tool so far we've

gotten a lot of work done many things

that we didn't think we would get to

probably for a couple of years that

tractor has helped us go ahead and get

done so we dug a driveway we expanded

the parking lot we solved some drainage

problems so there's just a number of

videos doing some heavy lifting there

with the with the Kubota and it's easy

to drive it is I think even Hudson could

do it but he hasn't tried yet so after

we built the fire pit one of the things

we needed was benches and we did get a

lot of rain in the spring around here

which is good for the trees but we

needed to do some projects on the off

days or weeknights and we Phil rigged up

a system and their garage and

ended up building a couple benches you

have a couple more to do but they're

sitting right over there at the fire pit

and they hold a couple people super easy

and they even sold some that was uh that

was a good plan that I found online and

for about $32 or so with using treated

lumber you can build these four-foot

benches and I've been able to learn how

to use power tools throughout this whole

process of getting ready for or working

on all the projects which has been fun


and of course the feature of our

property and the you know purpose of

this property in our business is

Christmas trees so we have several

videos of us planting the trees we don't

have any experience planting trees prior

to this spring so that was a learning

experience and so far so good we'll show

you some of our pine trees are a little

brown I think we're gonna lose a lot of

those but everything else so far is

looking great and we'll post updates on

those here shortly

thanks to those that helped us there

were some people that came out and did a

lot of work yeah appreciate the extra

hands for that hmm one of the things we

needed was branding and Phil that's

right up his alley but we wanted it to

feel very family-oriented and the true

meaning of what our farm is our name is

woods tree farm but we didn't have a

logo and we needed to start getting that

out there we're gonna open for this

Christmas season and we were gonna host

a Spring Fest so I contacted one of my

daughter's teachers who's an artist and

said hey would you do this for us and

she was very patient I'm very picky but

this is a big deal it's the start of our

business from a branding perspective and

we came up with an awesome logo I think

she drew it by hand we got it digitized

and now it's on like hats like this

which tree part and then then she

painted a four by three foot sign and we

put it up at the front of our property

to welcome everybody in so it's

been nice to see that as we drive in now


so what do you think of that hats I

haven't really pointed those out in many

videos but yeah we've got these

embroidered hats with our logo on it

a trucker style hat with the ventilation

around the back a number of people have

asked if we're gonna sell those I don't

know if there's really that much

interest but if you're interested in

getting a hat put a det post out in the


dad you want a hat I think we would have

to sell them for around 20 25 bucks

including shipping so if you think

you're interested in that let me know

I'm gonna be putting in another order

for hats real soon we're gonna do a

spring event and one of the features of

that spring event is certainly hay rides

so we had to get the hay wagon ready I

bought a used hay wagon off of

Craigslist it did not have sides on it

when we bought it so we spent a weekend

putting sides on that and getting it all

ready and I also had to put new tires on

it though I never got any video of that

but that was a little project and itself

fixing the hay wagon up and getting it

all ready and of course we had our

spring event a few weeks ago and it was

a hit and we fit I counted as many as 22

people on there one second

a lot of small kids yeah but I think you

could see it at least 14 or so adults on

there comfortably and if you're mixing

kids in there you know many more humans

so up to 22 it was that was a full ride

yeah yeah so as we've mentioned we had a

Spring Fest it was kind of a soft

opening for us to figure out flow of

things but also just to introduce the

the public to the farm we had about a

hundred people that came and what we had

to do to get ready was you know the hay

wagon the benches all of those things

but other little projects that you just

don't think of that really make a

difference in my perspective so I did a

little a few signs that had like crafts

or hayride or fireside fun nature trail

to put around the farm so people kind of

knew where stuff was you know you come

to this open space and you don't really

know where to go and it's kind of

overwhelming if you haven't been here

before so

you know we had a sign for games over

the hidden field the kids really got

into it helped us with a bubble station

which was a huge hit we went through

three gallons of bubble missions as well

as you know the Playhouse we have over

there I also made a homemade ring toss

painted some bottles and and got some

rope together the kids had fun with that

Phil made cornhole so we have a lot of

things just for people to enjoy being

outside at the farm and that's kind of

you know besides the trees and getting

families together that but that's the

whole essence of what what we're trying

to do here what's next yeah so what is

next what's on the horizon I think

through the summer probably gonna back

off the heavy work projects right too

hot just too hot

yeah we're gonna enjoy the farm a little

bit even today was hot we're hot it's

humid yeah and it's only May yeah

so some of the upcoming trainings may be

to keep us out of the Sun a little bit

would be building a bridge on the trail

in the woods so we did cut a trail

preliminary trail through the woods to

have some hiking trail experience so

we'll build a bridge much like we did

that goes over to the hidden field and

then we'll cut some more trail if we can

through the woods to have a couple more

hiking opportunities well so obviously

we have to keep up with the property and

just keep the grass back keep weeds from

overtaking the trees so there's gonna be

a lot of general maintenance around the

property mowing mulching Stacey learn

how to drive that this morning actually

so yeah you can pitch in with that

that's welcome and then beyond that

we've got to start planning for the next

seasons so we want to do a fall event

much like our spring event and now to

require some prep work and then we need

to order three pre-cut trees to sell

this Christmas we need to order

seedlings for next year and that's

what's on the horizon I'm sure that'll

be here before we know it

all right well as far as our first six

months here and closing

this has been a blessing and a treat for

our family

you know everyone just is shocked that

we're doing this but you know as many of

you already know this is a really big

side say business hustle hobby for now

it's kind of not a business because it

takes you know five years or so to start

making money before we start selling our

trees so right now it's just a lot of

work and it's a big hobby and it's a lot

of fun to be out here and do do the work

and see the return of our efforts you

know by making improvements to the

property into the land and seeing the

trees grow and all of that so it's also

fun seeing the kids grow on the property

as well with the trees but just

experiencing new and different things

that they never would have been able to

experience before and also our family

and friends they get to come out that

wouldn't have the opportunity otherwise

that just means so much to me yeah yeah

so all right well that's it for today

thanks for watching we'll have plenty

more videos coming your way showing

everything that we're doing around here

even if we do slow down a little bit

through the summer but for now that's it

thanks for watching and if you got any

questions or comments leave them below

make sure you subscribe and hit that

Bell icon so you can get notified of

future videos that's it for today I'll

see ya do that whole line just do that

whole line again we have a whole way got

a bunch of material for me too and those

house ready wait need a pause so I can

edit we got a lot of extra material from

my dad at his house that he had leftover

to helmet on at a time and there's a

video about that sorry there's also a

video about that that we did with the

Extension Office yeah so all of these

things were talking about I think we

have videos I'll post a link down in the

description to all of the videos that we

mentioned and you know you can go back

and watch any of those that you have

interests in probably not gonna say that

subscribe here you do it okay

I've build benches fine and Springfest

left on

or working on all the projects which has

been fun yeah sign and Springfest we

haven't you have planting treats it's

nice okay that's good that's perfect

I'm gonna do actually do the hay wagon

next hmm

or we can do planting trees trees here I

go Spring Fest and of course alright so

something just jumped in the water it

behind us probably a frog okay so you

have a lot of what uh any final words

about our about our first six months


Stacey's really happy