A Beginners Guide to Using a Charcoal Grill

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this is a beginner's guide to using a

charcoal grill I'd like to thank you for

checking out my channel and make sure

you hit the subscribe button before you

leave and maybe even give this video a

thumbs up if you liked it the grill that

I'm using in this video was a weber 22

inch kettle this grill basically sets

the standard for all other charcoal

kettles out there my grill has a hinged

rate that allows you to add charcoal to

either side during the cooking process

without having to remove the food this

is handy during a longer cook now this

is the charcoal grate this is where your

pull your hot coals and where they'll be

during the cooking process now this part

is called the damper and it's uses to

help regulate the air flow into the

bottom of the grill that and that's what