Chainsaw Basics: How to Safely Use a Chainsaw

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hi I'm Dan with Echo incorporated with

the video series on how to use and

maintain your gas chainsaw so today

we're outside and I'm going to show you

the proper techniques and using your

chainsaw but before we do that there's a

couple things we need to do first we

need to clean our area of any debris or

logs that the log may fall on when we're

doing our cutting so we'll need to

remove any obstructions on the log that

we're going to cut and then clear away

just the general debris around our

cutting site so I've got my safety

apparel on my chaps my gloves my helmet

with my hearing protection and eye

protection I'm going to start my

chainsaw LUP clear my area and then

we're ready to cut our firewood

well now that we have our area cleared

and we're ready to cut let's talk a

little bit about your stance and

position that you'll need to know while

making your cut first of all we want to

make sure that no one's around our

working side children pets

everybody's away safely clear away from

our work spot next thing we want to look

at is our chainsaw we do we have the

right chainsaw for the right application

depending on what size firewood you want

to cut it will depend on what size stove

that you have so anywhere between 14 and

18 inches is a typical wood stove so our

stance is going to be an athletic stance

with your left foot a little bit forward

then your right your chainsaw your left

hand is going to be on your front handle

easily accessible to activate the brake

your right hand will be on the rear

handle which controls your throttle so

before you start your cut you want to

throttle up the chainsaw place it

lightly on the wood and have solid

pressure all the way through the cut

once you're done with the cut you want

to activate the brake again and place

your saw firmly on the ground so now

that we've talked about proper

techniques to use your chainsaw let's

get started so I'm going to activate my

chain brake put it firmly on the ground

I want to make sure and have my hearing

protection on by safety glasses helmet

and shield

now let's start our chainsaw rear foot

in the rear handle left hand on the

front hand oh and we're going to pull

straight up and the chainsaw should fire

on the first or second pull

now that we finished our cut and I

removed the log away from our cutting

area next we're going to talk about long

term maintenance and storage of your gas