Chain Hoists - How should you use Chain hoists?

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There are many types of chain hoists on the market we will have a look at these

three types which are the most used ones in our job the manual chain block this

is used for all kinds of operations and is the most used one the standard

lifting height is three meters but it is possible to get them in virtually any

height and with any swl you need leave a hoist this is generally used for

lightweight and short lifts and when a lightweight and handy tool is required

standard lifting height is 1.5 meters but it is of course possible to get it

with whatever lifting height you need pneumatic chain hoists this is usually

quite heavy equipment used for heavy lifts at large Heights or as a

substitute for a winch where a permanent hoisting gear is required typical

locations are the tops of Pump Rooms and engine rooms these are normally ordered

with a specified length of chain before using a chain hoist you must make sure

the swl of the hoist is adequate for the load make sure the structure you suspend

the hoist to is of sufficient strength for the load including the weight of the

hoist check that the safety catches on the hooks are fitted and in good

condition check that there are no twists or knots on any of the chains test the

operation of the chain including how to hoist and lower check that the chains

can move freely and that the ratchet sounds crisp make sure the hoists

operating range height of lift is sufficient for the task warning the use

of damaged toys may cause severe damage or injury to both material and personnel