Tips for new kiln owners

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I wish I had known this tip earlier

because now I have one of these how are

you today today I want to talk to you

about a couple of tips and tricks I've

learned along the way of operating my

manual kill now these tips and tricks

that I'm about to show you do kind of

work across all kilns although not every

single rule is specific to your kiln

these are things that I've learned just

working with kilns in general let's be

honest you probably didn't read the

entirety of the instructions you've got

with the booklet for your brand-new kiln

if you are getting a new kiln and if you

bought a killing the second-hand like I

did it most likely didn't even come with

instructions let's not lie to each other

when you get a new Apple product you

don't even read the agreement you just

push I agree and move on downloading