Basic Turning on a Manual Lathe

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when in the machine shop lab is

important that you always wear safety

glasses long pants close toed shoes and

remove sweatshirt strings and tie back

long hair in this video we'll be facing

the end of the stock turning the outer

diameter and then parting the final part

some key parts of the manual lay that

we'll be using is the carriage which

controls the Z and X directions of the

tool the Chuck which holds the stock and

the headstock which has the speed

controls on the carriage the carriage

wheel controls the z direction of the

tool and the cross slide controls the X

direction of the tool once you know the

proper speed determine whether the value

is on the inner or outer ring of the

dial on the switch below select

low-speed if the desired value is on the

inner ring of the dial or select high

speed if the value is on the outer ring

of the dial after you've selected the

inner or outer ring if the desired speed

is in the black move the handle to the

left and use the dial to select the

value if it is in the yellow move the

handle to the right and then select the

value the next step is to insert your

stock the chuck key is needed to open

the Chuck insert the Chuck key into the

truck and turn to open it then insert

the stock and make sure to minimize

overhang to prevent deflection once the

stock is secured put the check key back

it is important to never leave the chuck

key in the check

for facing the end of the stock a

carbide facing tool will be used the

tool is placed in the tool holder and

then close tight using the handle next

move the tools so that the tip of the

insert is in line with the center of the

stock but not touching the stock

to start the spindle so that it is

spinning towards you pull the power

lever up move the tool in the

z-direction to gently touch off with the

workpiece once contact is made bring the

tool toward you to complete the phasing


it is important to wait for the Chuck to

come to a complete stop before touching

the workpiece or tool

to turn the outer diameter gently touch

off on the outside of the workpiece then

move the tool away from the workpiece in

the z direction next zero the

cross-slide dial and then move the tool

into the desired depth of cut

once the desired depth of cut has been

set move the tool towards the workpiece

in the z-direction

and cut to the desired length

once the desired length has been reached

move the tool away from the workpiece at

a constant feed rate to keep a good

surface finish

after the spindle has stopped a parting

tool will be used to part off the

workpiece first locate where you want to

part off and bring the tool away from

the workpiece in the x-direction start

the lathe and slowly move the parting

tool into the workpiece

periodically back the tool off to allow

the tool to cool and chips to clear

continue until the part all love

after the parting operation is complete

remove the stock from the chuck using

the Chuck key again

remember not to leave the Chuck key in

the Chuck when you are finished using

the machine clean up your work area