Mr. John Tutorial: Operations of a Concrete Mixer/ Ready Mix Truck

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good day so I'm going to do is a quick

walk through the functions of a concrete

truck and I have to unload a little bit

so I'm going to show you how we do this

here's the barrel where the concrete is

in the water reservoir which is an old

diesel tank converted and that's where

we keep the water it's under the same

freshman at the brake system uses the

water pressures at 110 psi this is the

main line going through the tank we're

going to open that up

you see the line runs back here pennant

splits to a garden hose for the bottom

for washing around the back of the truck

and another garden hose at the top for

watching in the hopper and then

line the fat line here that goes

directly into the hopper panic trotted

up with some concrete but that's worth

adding whatever water is needed to get