Mr. John Tutorial: Operations of a Concrete Mixer/ Ready Mix Truck

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good day so I'm going to do is a quick

walk through the functions of a concrete

truck and I have to unload a little bit

so I'm going to show you how we do this

here's the barrel where the concrete is

in the water reservoir which is an old

diesel tank converted and that's where

we keep the water it's under the same

freshman at the brake system uses the

water pressures at 110 psi this is the

main line going through the tank we're

going to open that up

you see the line runs back here pennant

splits to a garden hose for the bottom

for washing around the back of the truck

and another garden hose at the top for

watching in the hopper and then

line the fat line here that goes

directly into the hopper panic trotted

up with some concrete but that's worth

adding whatever water is needed to get

the desired slumps which is another word

for the desired consistency or thickness

of the concrete

we have a remote control and as you see

here on the top we've got the barrel

direction right now the barrel is going

in a clockwise rotation which means the

concrete is mixing anytime the barrel is

going in this direction it's mixing if

it goes opposite in the silent clockwise

position you will be unloading you see

those chains up there those signs are

with either draws a Pollock in or draws

the product out

now under the barrel direction we have

the rabbit the turtle for the speed of

the barrel I can speed it up

what now

usually when you're mixing you're going

down the highway you have it turning at

a 2 to 3 rpm as 2 to 3 revolutions per

minute to maintain your mix and then we

have the

the remote for the shoot to raise it up

- hydraulic system order lower it down

there are you

and then we have the lock for this shoot

right now I need to unlock it it's

locked right now so it doesn't move

around now I'm unlocking it because I

have to dump some product out we unlatch

it and then we hold it open and then we

lock it again see it's locked that won't

go anywhere is it this break right on

the top here and that's how it locks

into position we have a hopper button

down here and that raises and lowers

that hopper right there so you can

respect your concrete for its slump

consistency and then we have a freeze

button bottom right hand side here I can

make the barrel stop momentarily there

we go

now it stopped and I'll get it

not what I have to do is I got a hose

down the back of the truck of the chute

anytime you're going to pour any

concrete got a wet everything down so

the concrete doesn't stick to it

so we wit her down what the shoot-down

put the hopper down here we go put the

back of the truck down here I know

I got wet on the camera okay you got

everything wet it down the hose back

okay now I'm going to show you the

inside of the drum climb up the ladder

always three points of contact

this is the hopper this is where the

product gets loaded into a barrel look

at it in here

the whole thing

other lower home

it's going to vote

what we call wind rose those wind rose

their dark free ones this is waste

product this product that either was too

much for the customer or in my case it

was in the barrel for three hours and

that they lose like it's a term they

call losing the concrete they can't work

with it anymore

and you can't add water to it anymore it

just takes off so I had to add a lot of

water to it just so it wouldn't harden

up in the barrel now we're going to make

a window here I'm going to drive really

slow and pouring it out this is a quad

axle Kenworth

we have to steer axles in the front

and the Rome is a 10 meter drum it's a

10 cubic metre capacity

alright go in the truck do we got to do

and of course once we're unloaded of the

product we have to wash that barrel so

right now as you see the barrel is

turning in a clockwise position

so here's the remote and I turn hit this

button here it's going to change the

direction and you going to see it turn

the other way

pushing brakes put the truck in below

here and watch the shoot out of the


once this dries

gets picked up through a crusher

I think that's the crusher right there

and the


that looks like it's pretty much all

it's gonna glow set the bridge

and then we go back and start our


put my barrel back in

now when you're cleaning the truck you

do the same thing as a shower yourself

you start at the top and work your way


tie them up fall away

and both in the mud