How to use a CCTV system

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hi guys I just wanted to give you a

quick rundown of how to use a very basic

CCTV system CCTV system that we've got

has got three cameras

two of them are pan tilt zoom cameras

one of them is static this is a

requirement for your basic training when

you do a CCTV course we also have one of

these which is a hand controller which

is basically a joystick to move the

camera left you can move the camera

right up and down so we call that

panning and tilting and you can also

zoom use doing this by simply twisting

it's a twist grip zoom you do get

various versions of this which they're

not all exactly the same that's a very

basic introduction as to what what that

looks like what it does on this side

here we've got a overview screen which

is a simulation of a bank of monitors

and you could have up to as many as you

can imagine on there so you can have

multiple monitors some of the bigger

control rooms will have up to 300 odd

cameras and potentially if not more than


we they'll have a massive Bank of

screens up on the wall obviously for the

training side of things we don't need to

have that much so we've only got three

cameras here as I said two of them are

accessible through pan tilt zoom and one

of them is static the two pan tilt zoom

cameras we have are actually accessed

here and here the static camera is there

so static means we can't adjust we can't

do anything with it it will simply be

there you can take a digital still image

of that possibly looking at a suspect

zooming in it will be a digital zoom so

what we mean by digital zoom is we're

taking a still image and we're

magnifying that image so the higher the

resolution of the image the better

quality when you digitally zoom that

image with a camera the camera is

actually gonna use its lens to zoom so

you're actually going to it almost

telephoto the the image that you've got

there as opposed to taking a still image

and and pixelating it slightly by by

zooming in so if we look here we've got

our bank of monitors on this system we

do have to use a mouse just to access it

so what we would do if we wanted to

bring a camera up into all we call a

spot view we would zoom in our or

double-click on this and as you can see

here the camera has now become the main

camera now this system we do also have

to select the pan tilt zoom controls

which are there I now have control of it

and you can see here the camera is

moving around zooming in zooming out so

if I wanted to zoom in on the sign here

I could do so re centroids there we go

eventually and then the camera will have

a function which is an auto focus

function so what that means is I don't

actually have to physically focus the

camera the camera will find its own

focus what we do is if we I'll show you

an example if we zoom in too far what

tends to happen is the camera does

struggle to focus a bit sometimes it

comes right other times if it doesn't

come right what we'll do is we'll just

draw back slightly as we're drawing back

you'll see what will happen is the

camera will find its focus which it

eventually does there and if we wanted

to return back to our main bank of

monitors what we would do is we'd simply

right-click on this system on being

operational system you just hit a button

and it'll move your spot screen back up

and then we go back to our multi screen

back to the simulation of our multi

screen so what you do working in the

industry is you'd be carrying out a

patrol looking at the different screens

as soon as you see something that looks

a little bit suspicious what you would

then do is select the camera pretty much

like a door supervision course where

you've got a door supervision job where

you've got to justify your action when

you use physical force it's the same

with a camera system when we're going to

zoom in and look at personal details of

somebody so we can identify them it we

have to be able to justify

our zooming in so I have to be able to

say give a reason for me zooming in on

somebody and a lot of companies will get

audited independently normally monthly

bigger companies councils and so on and

the operator will have a log and if they

are being audited they'll have to

justify all their action so if they've

zoomed in and track someone they'll have

the given operational reason as to why

they've done it anyway hope that helps

this is a very basic introduction on

some of the kit you'd be looking at if

you do a CCTV course with us in the

future and you're looking to go into

that role or perhaps you already work in

that role and you need to get an SRE

license to do that alright hope this

helps thanks very much