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has dozens of uses around the house

from sealing off drafts to water leaks

even keeping pests out that makes the

gun one of the most helpful tools

you can have here's how to use one this

cylinder shaped section holds the tube

of caulk when you press the trigger it

pushes the plunger forward the plunger

applies pressure to the bottom of the

tube squeezing the caulk out to open the

tube cut the tip using a utility

knife or if you have a gun with a

spout cutter just squeeze the trigger to

cut off the tip some tubes of adhesive

and caulk are also sealed at the base of

the spout this built in metal rod is a

handy feature to have otherwise puncture

the seal using a long nail to load the

caulk pull the plunger back and place

the cylinder of the caulk into the

cradle to apply a strip of caulk known

as the bead squeeze the trigger to keep

a steady even pressure on the bottom of

the cylinder move the gun in a smooth

continuous motion squeeze the trigger to

apply more pressure as the flow slows

down if you have a gun with a

release lever press it as you get close

to the end of your bead this stops the

pressure so the won't continue to

squeeze out and make a mess to set the

seal wet your finger tip and run it

along the bead of caulk pull back on the

rod to remove the empty tube of caulk

you may need to hold down the release

lever to do this for more helpful tips

and advice ask the associates at your

neighborhood ace and visit us online at

Ace Hardware comm