Priefert S04 Squeeze Chute Demo

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we sell a thousand products here at

manufacturing everything for horses and

even the poultry industry dog kennels

rodeo equipment or in the groomers some

three-point stuff we we build a little

bit of everything for farming ranch and

rodeo but my favorite product to sell to

customers by far is the squeeze chute we

offer five different squeeze chutes here

at pre-fit we offer actually we offer

four squeeze chutes and one cattle cage

one for the any budget if you've got a

small herd you might want a cattle cage

it just has a head gate in the cage with

no squeeze you can move up to the so1 or

the Esso 191 it's a little smaller shoot

a few less whistles and bells if you

need the biggest chute and you've got

the biggest longest cows in the world

you want to jump up to our SC thirteen

it's it's taller it's longer it's wider

it's bigger it's got a lot of whistles

and bells the one I'm going to show you

today is our most popular chute and this

is the so4 squeeze chute and and by far

our number one selling chute probably

the number one selling chute in the

country maybe even the world we ship

these things all over the world and

here's what makes preffered different

there's a there's a lot of good chutes

with a lot of good features out there in

the world I've worked a lot of squeeze

chutes in my life but here's the thing

that sets our squeeze chutes apart from

everybody else it's the head gate that's

the first and foremost most important

thing we do our head gates work a little

different than most you'll notice our

head gates open they will open wide like

a barn door come close they're not a

swinging door head gate or even a

scissor head gate and here's the reason

we like this method a swinging door head

gate the biggest problem that I have is

a swinging door head gauges the fact

that you've got to set it its width

based on the next cow that's coming in

no cow has the same size head neck and

so if you get it too loose and she's

slopping around she's going to hurt

herself she's thrashing if you get it

too tight that's bad you're cutting off

blood circulation while you're working

on the animal she goes down in the chute

so what you need is a one size fits all

application which this is no matter

where I stop on whatever size animals

that lock is going to catch

so no matter where it stops it locks so

it's literally a one size fits all

whether it's a 300 pound calf or a 2,000

pound bull I'm always going to be able

to get the perfect fit for that animal

so that's one factor the other thing is

is if you've worked a lot of cows in the

chute you know that cows like to follow

each other

one of them's head-on the one of them's

button in front of them and so a lot of

times you don't have the opportunity to

get the tailgate closed before two cows

come to shoot at the same time the

problem with the swinging door head get

is you have to it in you catch it

and then to release the cow you release

it forward and then you have to it

again to catch the next cow well if you

have two cows pound it piled up in the

chute when you flip it forward all the

chutes all the cows behind that cows is

coming out you don't have time to come

back here we don't have to worry about

that I don't even a lot of times when

I'm working cows I don't even use a

tailgate leave the tailgate wide open

and let the cow stack up in the alley

the reason for that is because I can

catch a cow release it as soon as it

goes out the next one's heads coming

through I'm just coming down and

catching that cow's neck again one size

fits all so we don't even theoretically

have to have a tailgate although we do

especially when you compound it by

putting a guillotine-style tailgate on

the back of a squeeze chute because a

lot of them will get up under that and

they're a and they will treat it just

like the no back alley stock where it

rolls down their back and then you know

you've got a mess because you got two

two cows in the chute and no way to back

them out so that's one of the beauties

of that particular head gate the other

thing I want to point out here is this

is called an infinite locking system

these locks are so good we're so

confident in them that we guarantee them

for life this literally has a lifetime

warranty of 20 years from now this lock

fails you mail it back to us we send you

a brand new one

free of charge well that's how much

confident we have in this lock and it

not only does it work the head gate it

also works the squeeze system and so

wonderful locking system we've done a

lot of extensive tests on them they're

extremely durable very very very

but the way we restrain an animal and

I'll demonstrate it for you here in a

minute is we don't the best way to

restrain any animal is with a halter and

so we don't like the one-size-fits-all

bars that go over the front we like to

use a halter and so we use a piece of 7

foot long machine twisted chain to do

that it works really good I'm going to

demonstrate that for you in a moment

this head gate is so good that it works

as good in automatic mode when I'm not

standing here beside it and Mac in fact

maybe even better than if I'm operating

it okay so this is a manual and

automatic head gate to set it in

automatic I just simply flip that lever

I engage the liver which is now going to

engage this spring I pull up I look at

the cow that I've got coming judges the

size and now I'm going to set the size

according to the cow so now basically

what I've done is kind of set a


all right I've put a trigger on it right

up here at the top and now when that cow

comes through what I'm going to do

especially when you're working cows by

yourself you've got to go back here open

the tailgate up and you've got to go

back here and Prader along you can't be

at the head gate because when a cow gets

shoots hour especially if you have her

up maybe medicating her every day for a

week or two she gets shoots hour she

doesn't want to come up here and if

you're alone you have no way of catching

her and moving her down the alley so

here's the theory I go back here and I

open the tailgate I pushed that cow down

the alley she's going to see that

daylight and then her cow brain she's

going to think man I can get through

that no problem I can squeeze my whole

body through there so she sticks her

head through and of course her shoulders

are wider than her head and what she's

going to do is separate these yolks just

a little bit enough to make this gravity

latch fall and then the spring will pull

the head gate quietly and comfortably

right around her neck so I'll show you

how that would work Cal sticks her head

through her shoulders trip the latch

then she can't go forward so when she

takes a step back the screen pulls the

head gate to the the part of her neck

and it's a one size fits all and so this

is one of the only head gates that I

know of that you can work man

and automatically at the same time even

when it's in automatic mode I can still

work it manually so the head gate is

probably one of the best features we

have in fact we have a lot of our

competitors that buy this head gate and

put on their chute bodies it's a great

head gate works great best concept in

the world the other thing is is it's so

easy to operate this entire chute

literally I can catch cows today and

I'll demonstrate this for you with two

fingers you literally can can pull that

that head gate up then you can catch a

cow because the lock is doing all the

work not you moving back here to the

rest of the features of this chute

there's a lot of stuff built in here we

obviously have safety features like a

side exit you pull that rope the side

exit comes open out at this point a lot

of them have a rope that you pull or you

have to go around the other side to

close it if you're sorting animals that

gets to be a pain and so what Bill

preferred did when you design this chute

is he wanted it to be kind of a one-man

band I don't want to have to take any

step so then right where I'm at and I

want to be able to operate everything on

the chute you notice how sleek and clean

it is there's no ropes and pulleys and

head-knocking levers sticking out

everywhere for me to dodge around and

have to walk around everything is sleek

down the side of the chute and so for me

to be able to close that over there I'm

going to reach up here grab this lever

pull down slam it shut and then tuck it

away safely out of my way the next thing

I want to talk about is the squeeze

itself the squeeze works on the same

style of lock as I mentioned earlier as

the head gate does so when I'm squeezing

an animal down literally all I have to

do is pull that lever down and now it's

locked so no matter how far I go in on

the animal it's going to lock and the

best part is when I'm done and ready to

release the animal I literally can take

a finger

and throw it up out of the way and

release it you know that a lot of those

shoots that have the ratchets you have

to press down on it reach up on the

other hand throw the lock release and

then let the handle fly up you don't

have that problem here you literally can

catch and release cows with two fingers

so very simple

ladies like to operate this shoot people

fight over who gets to work the shoot my

kids help me with this shoot my

ten-year-old operates this shoot and we

don't necessarily endorse that but under

our supervision we're experts our kids

actually help us here on the ranch and I

know a lot of you probably do that as


the other features of this shoot are

found on the side of it the one of the

main ones is the contoured drop down

side you notice that we don't use a

straight side we use a contour in the

sides and the reason is because cows are

round they're not straight so we want to

actually cut around the cow we want to

we want to cocoon them we want to wrap

around them and hold them better that

way that way they don't tend to slide

down in the chute go down their knees

because we've got up under them and

we're wrapping around them so that's an

important feature you notice that we

have five on each side all of them have

slam latches and the reason is because

normally I have a tool I want to be able

to shut that without having to mess with

any kind of lock we do the same concept

on the bottom this whole bottom panel is

removable I can totally take it away I

can check for foot rod or mastitis I can

let a calf nurse whatever I need to do

on the lower extremity is this animal

and you notice that we do it in one

panel not too a lot of shoots have two

panels the reason we don't do that is

because if you had another panel right

here and you reached under this cow and

she kicks forward she's going to jerk

your arm back and break your arm right

here above your wrist a lot of injuries

happen that way and shoot so we want

this to be completely open so that we're

not in any danger there when I'm done

I just simply shut it and gravity

latches do their work and there are two

of these one on each side of the chute

the tailgate one of the best features of

the entire shoot we use a split tailgate

just works the same way that our head

gate does opens up like a barn door and

so very important that we do that and we

also have I failed to mention that one

of the most important side one of the

most important aspects of the side of

the chute one of the biggest problems

that we face when we're using the chute

is pulling the sides in you know for

working different sized animals so if

we're working calves or working mama

cows or bulls or whatever we're doing we

have to move the sides in and out and

it's very inconvenient most of the time

you have to pull pens beat it in with a

hammer you've got blood mud and poop

down in the bottom of it that you're

dealing with and you usually need a

hammer and crowbar to get that done

bill proofer came up with an ingenious

floating floor system I can literally

adjust this floor in seconds not minutes

by simply pulling the lever so I'm going

to reach up here pull the lever now I've

adjusted the floor all the way in for

calves okay if I want to adjust it back

out for his mama simply pull it set it

down now I've adjusted the floor back

out now here's something here's a good

reason we talked about the tailgate

we're going to move back to the tailgate

I'm going to move this setting in for

calves okay I'm going to show you a

dilemma that we face in all tailgates

and all chutes that's this gap right

here because when you move that floor in

for a calf a lot of times you have this

gap that the calf wants to come and

stick their head through okay so what we

did to deal with that was

we made it where you pull one pin at the

top of shoes and now when you open the

tailgate only one side opens so now you

you've narrowed that down to the size of

a calf when you're done simply shut the

tailgate put the pin back in place now

you're operating both sides again you

notice we have two operator handles this

one back here out of the way if you have

help that's actually working the

tailgate and this one up here is

designed if you're working alone like

I'm going to be demonstrating today okay

so I'm going to go ahead and move this

floor back out to the size we're going

to need for today and now that I've

showed you some of the features on this

shoot I'm going to let you see these

features in action we're going to

actually work some cows and show you how

it works all right I told you while ago

that this is kind of a one-man band

right here so I can do everything I need

to do without ever having to take a step

so I'm going to open up this tailgate

I'm going to show a little bit of

daylight to the cow I don't want to give

it too much I just want to show about a

foot of daylight she's going to look at

that come through one a worker slow and

so I want to make her run for it I want

to make her cautiously come up stick her

head in it so I'm gonna open that

tailgate show her a little daylight I'm

gonna pull the Swedes now you notice

that I didn't even bother to shut my

tailgate right here okay if I wanted to

I could back that calf rope right there

shut that tailgate off no problem so

since I'm by myself today

I'm going to go ahead and I'm going to

pull that tailgate open to demonstrate

that you don't even need one to be able

to work the chute now let's say that

I've got this cow in here I've got her

squeezed down and if you'll come around

here and look I've got plenty of neck

access to this animal one of the most

important things we do in a shoot is

vaccinate our animals I've got total

access to this animal right here the

only inconvenience I have is this

squeeze bar in my way so what we did to

change to fix that is just made it where

it slides out of the way and now I have

total unobstructed access

front to back this animal no matter what

I need to different I've got access to

the animal when I'm done and ready to

let it go I simply release the Swedes

and again you won't see this on any

other shoot but again to release this

cow from being you notice she is

completely locked down and they're

mobile to release her one finger is all

it takes

same thing on the head gate if I wanted

to let this cow go right now I'll have

to do is take a couple of fingers open

the gate she'll step right through and

then I catch the other one right behind

her you have a swinging door tail gate

you can't do what I just did but I can

sit here all day long let one cow out

and catch the next one right behind them

and so that's the beauty of that pre

furred head gate and all the features

that go along with this particular shoot

so now I'm going to show you the chain

let's say that I need to have access to

this animal's head I need to work on her

ear maybe she's got a system of her eye

I need to do something this is the most

dangerous piece of cattle working that

we do this is one of the most dangerous

things because this head is the hardest

substance on earth I'm convinced of it

you never want to get above a head no

matter what system you're using so

here's what we like to do we like to

halter the animal so I'm going to come

around here in the front I'm going to

put that chain in the tab now I've got

leverage on this cow my push this chain

up on her nose I've got leverage I'm

going to pull her down tight I'm going

over the top and locking her in now

you'll notice that I've got complete

control now this animal she can't move

her head she's completely immobile now

that's good for me and that's good for

her because if I'm using a sharp

surgical object here to pop assist or if

I'm doing something in her ear that I

needed to do to medicate this cow she

can't hurt herself and she can't hurt me

I've got total control when I'm done all

I got to do pull the chain let it fall

she's good to go I'm done with her

I release her and she's out of there now

let's say I'm in a situation where I'm

by myself like I am today and I've got a

cow down the alley that doesn't want to

come to the shoot so I'm going to show

you now how to use the automatic head

gate the first thing I'm going to do is

I'm going to engage the automatic lever

pull it up I'm going to set my mousetrap

about right there for that size animal

I'm going to move back here open my tail

gate and I'm going to be the one to move

the cow forward we're going to see if

our head gate will do the work okay

you notice before I even got back to the

shoot that she stepped up here triggered

the gravity latch it fell down the

spring pulled it nice and tight she's

standing here waiting for me by the time

I got to the chute so now I've got this

cow caught I didn't need any help back

here to help push it forward and we're

good to go a couple of final features is

I want you to be able to see that I've

got total access to this animal right

here if I need to check her udders funny

to check her feet she's got a good or a

sore I need a doctor if I just need to

let a calf nurse I can do that right

here on the side of the shoe so it's a

great working little shoot we really had

great luck with it when you're done with

the animal you're still in automatic

mode no problem

lift it up now we're back to normal

five great shoots for you to choose from

folks no matter what your budget is no

matter what size operation you have

proofer has a shoot that's going to fit

your needs proof your shoots

they are easy on the cow and easy on the