How To Start A Catering Business From Home

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Hey, Marianne DeNovellis here with the Six

Figure mastermind. I know you got greater

skills than I do because you can cook,

this girl can't but I do know how to

start a catering business. The business

side of it is really, really important. So,

stay tuned. I'm going to walk you through

all those elements.

So, starting a catering business from

home is easier than you may think.

However, you definitely want to have

some legal stuff covered before you even

get started. The first thing you need to

consider before you even think about

opening a catering business from home is

getting what's called ServSafe

certified. S-E-R-V S-A-F-E. Go online, look it

up and get certified at ServSafe

that's going to be required for any

kitchen that you're working in,

commercial or private, okay?