How to operate a CAT skidsteer / CAT 259d controls / greasing points on CAT 259d loader

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all right guys so I'm gonna show you

some of the controls on our 259 DS skid

steer so as you can see on the left-hand

side we have our parking brake switch

our key on and start to auxiliary

buttons and this bunny here this is for

the second speed to make the Machine go

faster which is activated with this

button down here and this one here is

for the bucket so whenever you're

raising the bucket up all you got to do

is raise it up straight and machine will

do the tilts automatically for you so

you don't have to do it but I have it

turned off I like being in control and

doing it myself now down here

down here there's a accelerator for

throttle so you can either use that for

the speed or just do it manually with

this one max halfway just low now on