How To operate Caterpillar Push Pull Scrapers

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okay a lot of people have wanted to know

how all the levers and controls work on

the scraper so let's run through the

loading process and how we hook up and

load and then I'll show you how the diff

lock trans hold the hitch lock down the

bail control and the neutral run switch

work and operate on a set of push-pull

scrapers so you'll notice I'm coming up

here slow I'm gonna be very careful as I

approach him and and engage the push

block I'm gonna lock down my bail

control now and that'll put down

pressure on my bill one of the things

about push-pull loading is you can't

pump load the front scraper because that

stinger goes up and down on that push

block and if you raise those wheels off

the ground you can run that stinger

through the radiator so I'm going to

carefully take the slack out and start

loading myself one of the things you'll

notice in this is that I go all the way

to the end with my load I probably

didn't have to do that but I just kept

us moving one of the reasons I went all

the way to the end is I didn't want to

leave a great big blob of trailing was

right in the middle of where we're

loading so I went ahead and let him pull

me all the way to the end and in the

next clip you'll see when we come back

I'll be loading the other way and you'll

see how I load and why I leave that

pilot railings at the end instead of the

middle you want to keep your cut smooth

so you're not banging around especially

when you're pushing the front scraper so

I've got up pressure on my hook now I've

raised the control over as soon as I

accelerate forward and unlocks I hurry

and turn to the right

that tells me my month and away we go

and down the haul road okay now we're

coming back I'm in front we're loading

the other way as you can see the

trailing Tzar clear at the end here so I

can pick them up easy

those are loose

they don't load well but if you notice I

never load in the same place you never

want to do that with scraper I like to

leave four to five feet between where

we've loaded before so I can centerline

that it makes them load a lot better we

use drop center cutting edges and that

also helps you load better especially

hard material so here I'm coming in to

load I turn on the neutral run switch

shift down the second gear getting ready

to load raise the apron now I'm gonna

drop the hitch that's the lever right

there by the seat watch me reach over

and push that down one notch and that

will lower the hitch and lock it down

the cushion hitch there we go now I'm

lowering the can keeping my speed up

keeping it consistent so he can engage

me that's really important you don't

want to be changing your speed quick so

here he's starting to get on to me


got floored here as he makes contact

with me and he goes full throttle

okay next we're going to watch as I run

the Bell control lever like I said you

want to keep moving we love in second

gear all in the middle you want to keep

your speed up and pull your steep down

and spin you're not gonna load you'll

see the apron up you don't want it too

far open or the material spills out it

doesn't load too far down or it can't

get the material in


so now I'm raising watch me watch me

push that lever did you see me on the

boat control lever at the top did you

see me push the lever forward and that

made the apron lever push out that's an

air operated single lever both control

so as I'm raising the bowl I've got that

pushed all the way forward now it's not

gonna commits not going to close the


while I'm lifting the bowl lifting the

bowl has priority so what I'll do as

soon as I get the bowl up a little bit

I'll go back to neutral with the bow

control lever but I'll have that top

part of the lever still pushed forward

and you'll notice that the apron control

lever is still out and then as soon as I

let go of the lever it will return to

neutral now I'm pulling jake and so got

plenty of time to think now so he takes

the slack out of the hook very carefully

and starts his loading I just kept the

front scraper floored the whole time

during that to maintain my speed

consistently so he could take the slack

out okay now he's about done loading and

he's raised his control lever soon as he

pulls the head bail up he'll turn to the

right that way I know he's clear and we

can start to upshift okay in this next

clip you're gonna watch the fancy

footwork coming into the cut got the

front motor going reach over for the

rear one stick on the different

that locks the tractor wheels together

I'm loading with the diff lock on both

of the engines floored and like I say

you got to be aware of your speed and

keep your speed up

ok I've closed I'm closing the apron now

picked up the hitch I've raised the

hitch some guys do some guys don't wait

till they're fully loaded I raise it

after a man all right now we're gonna go

watch see I've taken my foot off the

trans hole or the diff lock I'm going to

reach over and step on the trans hold

pedal and the reason I'm doing this is

because I'm gonna pull the shift lever

up into sixth gear and as soon as Jake

is unhooked I'm gonna let go the trans

hold a pedal and it's gonna start the up

shift there we go I'm up shifting I get

up to speed I'm gonna reach up turn the

run the neutral run switch to neutral

let go the rear throttle and continue to

excel click the switch off you see a

light flash right now one of the things

you want to notice is that that is

called the synchronization light if that

light comes on your rear transmission is

not in sync with your front transmission

and it will kill the oil pressure and

the rear transmission so that no

clutches can engage and so it's a safety

device and so next you're gonna watch me

I start to climb a hill up to where I'm

gonna dump so I just step on the rear

throttle all the way reach over and

click the neutral run switch down the

light will flash it will synchronize the

front and rear transmissions and away we

go ok now you're gonna see me dump

so we're dumping the bowl all the way up

I raise the apron a little pull the

ejector lever until we're all the way to

the end and I'll run it back little and

then forward to get the last Gribble's

out of it and there we go that's how you