HOW TO OPERATE - A Front End Loader! HD 6:51 Play time!

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okay so we're going to climb up into

this big loader caterpillar and get in


okay first thing is sit on the seat over

here two levers these are for the bucket

when it's up and down wants to take the

curve the barf bucket up and down this

was for up and now this one takes the

entire bucket upwards and downwards

alright so let's get our start it up

again the diesel equipment


so these equipment started first thing

you want to do before you operate these

equipment do your circle check

especially check your your fluid like

your fuel

you want to check your fuel diesel fuel

your transmission fluid major major and

heavy equipment you want to make sure

they're greased so this is the brakes

which is also brake on both sides dual

brake this is a gas pedal

well the accelerator so on the floor is

the accelerator and the brake kind of

like a car okay

first thing I want to do will have my

seatbelt on I'm going to set my steering

wheel there you go

I said second thing my bucket is

touching the ground right now so I want

to lift that up I know you can see in

the front but the bucket should be

coming all the way up yet you can see

that I'm going to go secondly rates to

tilt it backwards and flour


so let's do a clean up before the other

trucks come in turn forward


I'm going to go scoop some dirt because

I have these a tractor-trailer coming in


so we pick that up not dirt in the

corner there you can dump it over here

clutch in stock get into flower gear

this is neutral this is reversal forward

and press the accelerator and we're

moving and I'm just going to dump that

over here


bring keep your bucket down so I'm

working with

working with the front-end loader here

we have the excavator back there and we

have a transport truck

here the dump truck carries about 35

tons of dirt getting to drive this is

the speed if you twist this you'll get

the right now we're 3rd gear 4th gear

we'll give you some more power

isn't the reverse one thing with this

machine is high up in the air so you can

see all around you which but also you

are using machine so if you if you hit

anything in this machine they will be in

big trouble like you will cause a lot of

damages so you want to observe all

direction at all times


so I'm just going to park this machine

in here get out see what the driver once

maybe you wanted okay what I didn't show

you just now is that over this this is

the emergency brake while the parking

brake once that's engaged the machine

won't be moving anywhere alright so I'll

get them see with this driver one

again that machine we were driving