Cat® Rental Guide 323F Hydraulic Excavator | Basic Operation

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basic operation to move your cat

excavator forward simultaneously press

the two pedals forward alternatively use

your hands to move the two-track levers

forward bring them back to the neutral

position to cease movement moving

backwards requires the opposite motion

either pressing with the heel on the

pedals or moving the levers towards

yourself with your hands each lever or

pedal is relayed to one track

therefore to turn right press forward on

the left lever or pedal similarly to

turn left press forward on the right

lever or pedal to make the tracks rotate

in a circle simultaneously press forward

on one lever and back on the other the

two joysticks are used to control the

hydraulics of the excavator move the

right joystick towards yourself to bring

the boom up push the joystick forward to

bring the boom back down moving the

right-hand joystick to the left will

scoop the bucket toward the cabin

while moving it to the right will open

extend the bucket to release the


with the left hand joystick you can

rotate the excavator around its frame

press left or right to move the

excavator in the respective direction

pulling the left-hand joystick towards

yourself will fold the state towards the

excavator pushing away from yourself

pressing up will extend the stick away

from the excavator