How 2 Operate A Cat D6 Dozer

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hey how's it going guys this is your

friendly house heavy equipment guy so

anyway I want to come at you guys with

another video on how to today we're

going to be talking about the d6 or XL

it's a high track dozer so pretty very

that's a fairly nice dozer it's got a

little good bit of power it's made by

caterpillar and it's really not that bad

of a machine kind of one just give you

guys a little you know idea what it

looks like on the inside of the cab cuz

I know some of you guys you know you've

seen these videos out there and there's

no real indication on what the machines

actually doing and kind of things like

that kind of dirty in this thing today

so kind of give you guys a rundown on

what it does how to start it up and

basing operations just like most of my

videos before it's all basic operations

is its no in-depth tutorial on what you

need to do is just how to actually give

the machine cranked up and kind of push

forward so today we're going to be

starting with this one okay so on this

side this does is a little bit different

than most they actually have the park

brake on this side so I actually did

engage it flip it up to push up this a

little bigger right here on this control

we got actually engage the park brake

and then we can go ahead and start it up

but before we start I allowed bastard II

kind of just go ahead and give you a

rundown of the actual controls and the

functions of it so in order to to drive

forward what you want to do is you see F

and an hour same thing you want to go

forward you just click it forward you

want to go in reverse you're clicking it

towards you it goes in the reverse and

then bring it back into the center gets

it into the neutral position over here

on our right hand side we have our

control front blade you can kind of see

like I say it's not started right now so

just kind of give you an idea what's

going on in order to get to play to come

down what you're going to want to do is

you want to push forward the blades are

going to come down if you want to come

up you push it towards you and the blade

will come up and in order to tilt

side-to-side basically what you want to

do is if you want to tilt to the left

you're going to kind of kick it to the

left side and then later

pick it up like this so to put more

pressure coming down on the left-hand

side if you want to go right to the

right side like this pushing this way

what will happen is the blade on the

right side will come down and pivot the

left side up it allows you to have you

know been basically pitch control this

one doesn't have a pitch blade where it

comes in and out this one is mainly for

pushing so it doesn't have that that

momentum that folk you know that to

where you can kind of find great and

fine-tune these noses right here mainly

just like I say for pushing and just

kind of getting the heavy-duty work done

over here on this side right here which

we have that's far a ripper don't know

if you can kind of see it in the back

it's a ripper here and what you do is

just pretty self-explanatory up and down

basically what we'll do is we'll go

ahead and crank it up and kind

I'll go through the functions and basic

functionalities of the machine and kind

of go from there also - before we crank

it up cause it's going to get loud in

here and I like I might as well go

through all the actual controls and

functionalities over here what you have

is your throttle control so if you want

to throttle down idle down you'll kick

you'll press it down and what it does is

it brings your idle to a low idle you

want to idle up basically what you'll do

is you'll push up

it gives it a high rpm and on this side

it's for your hydraulic lockout so

basically what you want to do is if it's

on up up position where it looks like

the the lock is locked in place there's

nothing old no hydraulics or anything

like that will go through you push it

down you'll have full function of that

machine what I like to do is I like to

make sure before I crank it up and I do

make sure it's in the locked position

just in case they might have a farm

momentum from the hydraulic fluid we

want to go ahead and keep it from doing

anything crazy once we fire it up and

especially if you got a bad pump and it

might be sending things a signal from

either from the controls or vice-versa

and I'll actually stop that from

happening down here on the bottom it's

pretty self-explanatory here it's a

break and sometimes with this machine

because it has so much high torque when

you hit the brakes it'll actually jump

even if you go in real slow and when you

hit the brake and I'll freaking push

down it's got a lot of stopping power to

it for sure then here you have your

throttle control

so what like I say here is for high idle

so right here is actually you can find

too if you want to slow it down a little

bit by pushing pressure to down to the

floor it allows you to actually control

your throttle and so let's go ahead and

get this bad boy started up going let it

sit let it go through his process once

you see that it's actually sent but in

turn the radio down go ahead and fire it


as you can see here it shows on an

indication where we have our pork break

set so what we're going to do is we're

going to push the park right down you

notice the light for the park break

actually disengaged I'm hoping you guys

can actually hear me I might have to

actually talk up a little bit louder

we'll go ahead kick up the idle

so we got it right now to where we can

actually control it with our foot by

pressing down on actual accelerator well

decelerate er it'll stop the idle so

I've come up with it's going to idle hi

so onto this side right here where you

have these buttons what this does is if

you kind of see on the dashboard itself

it switches your gears so you got third

second and first what that is is the

actual forward momentum of you when

you're going forward it's kind of your

speed control same thing going and

reverse so if I click it forward you'll

see that I'm actually starting to move

it now and then one

let it go

go phone

take it back it comes back in the

neutral neutral position also - anytime

you switch your gears like from forward

to reverse you definitely want to idle

it down and come to a complete stop

before you try to jam it into reverse or

forward because you can actually do a

lot of a lot of damage to the actual

machine by doing that in the process so

same thing we reverse by clicking over

backwards we're going to move forward

now if you want to actually turn the

Machine the same lever that allows you

to go forward and reverse it all allows

you to actually turn so if I want to go

to my left hand side I'm going to push

forward and the machine is going to turn

to the left if I want to go to the right

I'll push towards me and the Machine

goes to the right as you guys can see

it's gonna be kind of hard to actually

push some material with the camera in my

hand but I'll go ahead and give it the

best that I can try to give you kind of

guys a little bit of a demonstration so

like you said right now we have our

controls locked out too so we can't use

no function of our blades so what we're

going to do is we're going to engage and

now we have functionality

and that's why the pictures of an actual

machine so what I want to do now is I'm

going to go ahead and put it in the fall

here we're going to drop my blade down


kind of get into where she's just

touching the log what I want to do is

I'm just going to gradually go slow and

feel the machine as I'm walking with the

machine I'm actually feeling the picture

so if it feels like I'm going one way

I'm going to actually use my hair on

this side and kind of move my blades and

the directions that I wanted to go so I

can actually push material right now we

just push it in the bump get the stuff

out of here

go ahead idle it up a little bit

your mouth

like I say it kind of gives you guys

just a slight idea what goes on

and also to our kind of give you guys a

demonstration with the Ripper same thing

with the Ripper here and it's kind of

hard to see if I push it towards me the

Ripper is going to come up if I push it

away the Ripper comes down

and it kind of gives you a direction of

what's going on so anyway guys we're

going to go ahead and crank it down shut

it down for a minute and hope you guys

really enjoy the little tutorials I know

that it's kind of hard to to do

tutorials on heavy equipment and I'm

trying to do the best that I can I

really appreciate the guys that are

actually watching the videos it really

means a lot and to the guys that are

actually sub into as well that's really

cool like I mean I'm just doing this to

help other operators out like especially

new operators that's trying to come in

to the operating scene I love here the

equipment I've been around them for so

long and just trying to give some

knowledge to somebody else and if

there's anything you'd like to see or

next just let me know I mean I have tons

of equipment out here that we can kind

of demonstrate on so again guys thank

you guys for checking out the video I

hope you guys enjoyed put a like on the

bottom if you do like it if not hit

little dislike button but anyway guys

thank you guys again and I'll try to

catch you on another video as soon as I

can appreciate it