How 2 Operate A Cat D6 Dozer

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hey how's it going guys this is your

friendly house heavy equipment guy so

anyway I want to come at you guys with

another video on how to today we're

going to be talking about the d6 or XL

it's a high track dozer so pretty very

that's a fairly nice dozer it's got a

little good bit of power it's made by

caterpillar and it's really not that bad

of a machine kind of one just give you

guys a little you know idea what it

looks like on the inside of the cab cuz

I know some of you guys you know you've

seen these videos out there and there's

no real indication on what the machines

actually doing and kind of things like

that kind of dirty in this thing today

so kind of give you guys a rundown on

what it does how to start it up and

basing operations just like most of my

videos before it's all basic operations