How to drive a Caterpillar bulldozer D6K

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so short little video about how to drive

this thing some of you guys might like

that I know it's a lot of times it's

hard to you know you interested in this

stuff but really how do you get to learn

how to operate this stuff if you don't

have it or you don't have it as a job

you don't have a you know a friend

that'll let you do it anyway

first things first come up I got this

blade off the ground but generally

there's a step right here and that's

what gets you up on a track so you step

on this to get up you come up there's

anyway you hit the step down there you

walk up the track come up you grab the

handle pull on the handle really hard

sometimes you know it feels like it's

locked but it's not pull that up and

these doors are designed where you can

leave them open so if you leave them

open like that you can tell back there

there's a little handle so come back

pull that handle real hard you can

actually shut the door that's designed

to hold the door open so man that hurt

okay so you're in to pad your driver's

seat this is a footrest this is the

footrest this is a brake assist engages

everything and on a bulldozer you really

don't have to use this braid it's kind

of like an emergency stop like we need

to stop all of sudden it's it'll jerk

you when you stop so you'll be going

along you hit this and you just go back

and forth you got your key turn the key

on let your gauges sweep start it you

got your controller over here that puts

it in forward that puts it in reverse

this controls your blade you know that's

a blade down plate up that'll turn the

blade no left pushing it this way we'll

turn it right doing this little thumb

wheel will actually rotate the blade

itself yes the diplay is sitting like

that and I'll start this thing up and

show you but it's gonna be kind of loud

so I'm trying to explain everything this


throttle you can see a you know tortoise

to slow rabbit is fast these things are

designed around a full throttle all the

time so when you get in them yeah don't

don't put them like that I mean just put

them all the way up they the engine is

designed to run at one cost in rpm and

it's 1800 rpm or 2,000 rpm you're good

to go if you have a ripper this one

doesn't and a ripper is those big claws

you see in the back and the machine to

go down in the dirt if you have a ripper

this make you get Ripper go up just to

make it Ripper go down and with your

going forward this is your speed control

there's no Prato pedal unease and

there's no steering wheel so once you

get to go in you put this and forward

like that you hit this little thumb

mower up there hit it up you'll see your

dash change and that's your speed and

you go like 3.5 or something like that

and she get going long and then once you

get going I mean you can literally take

your hands off and you can sit here in a

twiddle your thumbs or whatever and the

machine just goes straight until you

need to turn when you turn hit that over

to the left and you hit that over to the

right and depending on how you how far

you hit it you'll either kind of

gradually go to the left you go out like

that if you do it all the way over like

that the tractor will just sit there and

spin so to start it up actually I'm

gonna shut this door real quick make a

little quieter in the cab I got this

door shut and we'll start okay so turn

the key on let all the gauges sweep that

test all the gauges listen know

everything's going good hit the key

okay first things first turn the air

conditioning on gold get the AC on

that's better

so when you first get the machine go

ahead and let it a warm up I've already

got this one running a little while so

we're gonna let that it's already warm

over on this right side you have your

parking brake turn it off that red brake

will go off and if that red brick is

sitting there flashing put the park

break back on turn it off again see and

it'll go off now we're at 1.9 that's our

speed or my shirt speeds down to zero

but I hit this thumb wheel down like

that that'll turn the speed down if I

push it the other way he'll square and

speed up so we're turning it all the way

down we're gonna put it in forward we're

not gonna go anywhere there are bottles

all the way down our speeds all the way

down so I'm going to increase my speed a

little bit on this controller here

I don't know I'm not at that part out

because that sucks so to go forward

we're gonna hit our throttle up a little

bit now we're rocking forward

increase my speed a little bit


Monsieur I don't have my service droid

and now we're going forward have I have

my hand on the controls we're at a 1.6

miles an hour

and nothing so if I want to stop all the

sudden I can hit my break we stop

like oh my break

and let's go so when you're operating

this machine you need to have your rpms

all the way up okay rpms are all the way

up your said I'm not controlling

anything but if I turn this lever this


we turn right I'll turn the level this

way we turn left

go ahead max out our speed

there we go we're out down the road

so like I said earlier if you hit this

break it is a sudden stop all of a

sudden so you really only need to hit

that break if you need to stop quick

most of the time all you're going to do

is you're going to turn this thumb wheel

down a lower speed go down looking down

to point one

the chromo then we can hit our break put

it in neutral

okay to go reverse you have that your

foot on the brake to go into various you

just pull it back we start rapping


I'm gonna put a neutral understand

if I go this way the blades going to

rotate counterclockwise let goes the

other way rotate clockwise if I pull

back on it towards me

planes going to go up I'll push down

play to go down

now if I hit this thumb wheel right here

you know if I hit this way

the play is going to know what the blade

is doing blades doing this okay if

you're pushing low to dirt around and

you needed to go out to the solid feel

like that they'll actually push all the

ferry off to the side

I'm gonna shut it down we set our plate

on the ground if we had a ripper we'd

set a Ripper on the ground turn the RPMs

all the way down make sure we're in

neutral turn your speed all the way back

down to play one sent our park break and

turn the key off that's it I'm gonna

test drive this dude for a little bit

and then I'll Park it and we'll go to

the next job appreciate all the guys all

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