How To Work A Retail Cash Register Cashier Training Tutorial

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this video from sharp out we're going to

give a brief introduction to how you use

the cash register so in this video we've

got the XE a pro several model as I've

demonstration model but really you can

use this video for any cash register the

principles are the same first key things

to be aware of are what mode you're in

on the register so on an old-fashioned

till you have a key lock where you could

turn from one mode to another on this

machine you have a mode button and

there's loads of different modes you can

have a void mo report mode program mode

so on and so on 99 times out of 100

you'll need to be in the register mode

or are eg on this model you can tell

you're in the correct mode because it

says R eg there on a mote on a till with

the key lock the key would be in the red

position and it may also say reg on the