How To Operate The Cash Register - Cash Register Instructions

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in this video we're gonna try and give

you a quick brief tutorial of how to use

your cash register the motto on screen

is the SES 400 Casio cash register but

you can use the rules shown in this

video for pretty much any of a cash

register available in the UK first thing

is once you've got the power on you've

got to make sure you're in the Reg

position all cash registers will have

multiple modes so on this machine you

have a key lock which you can turn to X

Z being reporting there's also refund

mode and a program mode you want to put

sales through you've got to make sure

you're in the reg mode whatever till we

use it you can see on the display that

it says re G at the top so we know we're

in the register position second thing is

to make sure you clear from any error

messages so we are we've got just