How to Operate a Wheel Loader (ep. 065)

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hey everyone Randy with extreme sandbox

today we're gonna show you how to

operate a wheel loader so we get lots of

people that we get to come out here show

them how to use this equipment everyday

so we thought we'd do a quick overview

video just to show you how to operate

the basic controls and our Komatsu wheel

loader so let's check it out first it's

always three points of contact anytime

you get in and quit man you always want

to make sure the doors are locked all

the way open after you get in any piece

it's always about put your seatbelt on

first and then for any equipment again

doors can be locked open but we

generally recommend having them closed

there's a latch on these loaders right


okay so seat belt is on first thing I do

is start this thing okay so first thing