How to operate a case backhoe

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hey guys it is me go back again making

another how to operate video how to

operate a machining video I just made


oh how to operate an escalator when it's

pretty typical on this one you get in

you sit down the parking brake would

beyond but I was already driving it and

I was already making a video but my

friend called me about my lacrosse stick

so but alright so you turn your key on

you turn your parking brake ball and you

guys I use both feet for this like

driving a go-kart because looks kind of

hard using like driving with one foot

like you drive with a car but you got

your gas here and then your brake for

both wheels here push down in the middle

and it stops both wheels so you press

that in and you lift your bucket like

this like so and I have it in third gear

right now just because I was coming here

when you take this and you put it up one

and I put you in forward and you drive

and it's just like driving a car so you

just I I would recommend if you're just

starting out use both hands but I use

one hand to drive and then shrink what

I'm screwing around if I'm doing like a

video I use one hand to do everything

for the driving and operate it but I

would recommend definitely and if you're

just starting out keep it in second gear

because these things have a lot of power

they are very very strong powered

machines all right so you turn it around


and I'll show you guys we go through my

back way that I made amazing a little

camping spoon around the stock pile of

dirt I want to hold on here goes she

gets a little rough panties inside

all right so you got one just like a car

and I think I put it in here Z me stop

it right here I put it in neutral when I

go to ship but you take this red button

and push that in and put it in neutral

now it's in neutral just on a little

back I like to put the bucket down all

right please so pretty much it says it

right here that's for the clamshell

bucket but I'm not using a clamshell

bucket on this one right now but it

pretty much tells you what you have to

do with this joystick right here it

tells you right there but I'll run

through it anyways so you go like that

to dump the bucket you curl it in and

this one's got a little curl so you see

I let it go and it just curls myself oh

push down like that and the bugger will

go down you pull up and the book it

comes up and it has Auto so you don't

spill anything when you're going to dump

it into up I don't drop a curls itself

to make it even so the bucket doesn't

you don't drop all your load


that's pretty much how you do that all

right so really simple life regrets late

start the machine will start it up

you'll turn that on bunny rabbit go turn

your parking brake off you'll turn your

parking brake off and push brake

put your bucket up put it in the gear

I'm gonna put it in a third gear

and then you're all so are you ever you

have to go and really really simple

machine I like using it I called my

little brother how to use it really easy

I let him drive it for like two minutes

while he was sitting on my lap and then

I sat down here and I let him just go

but all right so onto the back need to

find your two levers a year from now and

you twist and usually this glass window

is open

put all right so these titles control

your boom or your actual like the back

and it makes it that but the first thing

you want to do when you do that you take

these two little joysticks and you pull

them down and both those outriggers

overlap and this is a four stick machine

I don't have any to stick machines on me

because they only use case in case or

usually always four stick machines so

you got it and it tells you again how

you get right down there tells you what

you have to do but I'll go over it so

this but this thing controls the bucket

makes it go if you go out it'll cargo

bucket out curl your bucket out you pull

back in it will create a bucket back

game and this one controls the stick you

pull out or go

people in it will come back in swing

back in and this one controls your spoon

or your stick going in your your stick

going out or I mean this controls your

stick your boom right there thing is

range of us on it it will control if

we're going down and up and this review

this you pop you set control see that

little piece right there with this group

with a screw on it like that that locks

it in a place so when you're driving but

and this stick controls your room or

your stick going down like it extends it

really simple but on that what you want

to do is to get it back in a place just

before it when you're pulling it back up

because it does it if you just pull it

back up it doesn't go lock into place so

you gotta just report there you pop it

back down it'll suck the whole room back

into place and that'll lock it into

place but alright so that is my roll

tutorial on how to operate a backhoe if

you like it

favorite it give it a thumbs up you know

and if you want to see any more

operating videos

ask me we really there's like a limited

type of machines here they only have to

have a bunch of backhoes and 3s meters

I'll do another video on the Komatsu PCT

tent and I mean I haven't seen it in a

while but I'll try once I get the

machine once I get the machine they had

a small come on to excavator which is

cool that's the type of machine I

learned on and operate which is a small

mini so

if you guys want to see any more videos

like that just call me and I will make

more videos all right guys let me go

sign it up and take it easy taken place

all right guys

sketch later