DIY carpet cleaning machine - How to use britex

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what's going on boys I'm Bill and

welcome to Bill's here toot I'm going to

show you guys how to use and do I cut

the penny machine that you compete up

from your local hardware store and even

your grocery store so these ones here

are very very cheap to hire $38 for 24

hours higher you gotta save a few

hundred dollars instead of getting a

professional layer who's going to do

basically the exact same job so I'm

going to show you guys today and put

this together how to use it and just how

well it works let's do this alright guys

so this is a setup that we're using

today we've got the bright X carpet

cleaner here so this one here has two

tanks tank a tank B tank B has clean

water only which says somewhere up here

clean water only so we put our clean

water in here which is hot water it has

to be hot water straight out of your tap

into a clean bucket put the hot water in

there and then we use some carpet

cleaning solutions so these ones here

are fairly cheap as well they're

probably about seven dollars H so carpet

cleaning solution 3 caps going to tank B

along with some hot water in the tank a

this is our return so all the dirty

water goes into here the only thing we

need for in here is a little bit of this

stuff so this is a D FOMA

I think that's one or two caps you don't

really need much of this in there and

that simply stops all the foam from

building up in the return tank and

spilling out the side so this one here

carries all the dirty water in it which

I'll show you guys how we're going to

set this one here up in a second and the

third product which is optional is a

spot and stain remover so if you've got

any heavily stained areas you can spray

a bit of this on there

rub it with a cloth try break it down a

little bit and then we'll run the

machine over that so I've got a few

areas I'm going to show you guys where

I'm going to be using this if we have a

look at the carpet in general it's in

pretty good condition in the round room

we've got some indentation from the

furniture not too concerned about that

the furniture is going straight back

over the top however I have a little

hack on how to remove these indentations

out of your carpet so I'll put a link in

the description below if you guys want

to know and a really easy way that pulls

these indentations with very little

effort so I'll show you guys a couple of

the other rooms and where we've got some

stains alright guys so in my daughter's

room we've got some dried up paint in

the carpet apparently this is the best

place to be

is right on the floor of your bedroom on

the carpet so we've got some dried paint

stains here I'm gonna apply the spot and

stain solution right here rub it a bit

with the cloth now I'm tried and then

we'll run the machine over in a bit

we've also got a little bit more up here

so we'll apply some of the spot and

stain solution straight onto the paint

let that soak in for a bit you can even

work it in with your fingers a little

bit try and really break up any of that

stain that you're trying to break up in

my case it's paint I'm gonna take a rag

and try work that a little bit and you

can see a lot of it starting to come off

just by doing this and then what I like

to do is just apply a little bit more

and we'll let this sit until we're ready

for the machine to go over all right

guys so to put these together it's very

very simple lift off the return bucket

take off the lid and you'll notice this

two hoses inside so we'll remove these

two hoses

put the bucket back on top and the lead

concealer on top vanilla we'll take our

first hose which is our thin one this

one here attaches to both the unit which

is we had to look down the bottom here

we've got a little section where we can

plug in our attachment so all you do is

simply pop Danny then we take our female

end and we'll attach that to the top of

that one here so we can see the

attachment right here pull back on the

collet push that in and now that's all

nice and tight and now we'll take our

suction hose attach one end to the top

of the wand so just swap that one here

on make sure it's on nice and tight and

we'll take the other side

and attach that one lid to the lid on

top so what we're going to do now is

we'll remove this lid let's take some of

the D funnel now we only need a very

very small amount you can say to a

little cap on top which allows you to

fill up so I do put two capfuls straight

into the top of the bucket and they were

prevented from foaming up we can return

a.o lead and then we'll take some of the

carpet cleaning solution so this one he

says to putting three caps so I'll fill

this one here out of three caps

now we're putting our copper cleaning

solution we can apply some hot water so

I'm going to fill up our bucket here of

some hot water and then we cut up the

tank so now we'll take our bucket of hot

water and fill this up until we can see

the water starting to come up to the top

I think from memory it takes about 10 to

15 liters of hot water and that's it and

then we can take our power cord from the

back and plug that one very so just a

couple quick tips before we get started

vacuuming the carpet before you run the

machine another route that way we're

going to pick up any of the bulk

material that's on the surface of the

carpet number two if we have a look on

the top of the wonder here you can see

that it's clean the reason why it's

clear is you can actually see the dirt

as it's coming out of the carpet now if

you said this started to come up really

dirty really stain material coming up

through the wand you want to run that

one over that section of the carpet

until it starts to run clear again now

when you're a hundred percent certain

that that area is actually claimed we've

got the trigger up on top here to

control the water so you want to press

the trigger spray the water and then you

can vacuum over the top of that area

we've got our two buttons down the

bottom vacuum and the pump which is to

run the water up so the vacuum button

for the water now you want to have both

of these on while running the unit let's

get started


so once the waters run out we can now

refill up our water put in our cleaning

solution and it's time to also empty out

our dirty bucket so if we take off the

lid here I'll show you guys what it

looks like inside and if we have a look

inside the bucket guys you can see just

how dirty all that water is that it's

collected very big mess it's nice to see

that this unit is actually very

effective in cleaning the carpet and

there's our proof right here


so once that's done guys that is the

finished product once again nice and


as for the dried up paint that is now

completely gone ready for her to start

painting on the floor again so there you

have the guys that's how to use a DIY

carpet cleaning machine not too bad of a

job for $38 I think it does very very

well hopefully you guys have enjoyed the

video there's anything else you guys

want to learn how to do in or around

your house put it in the comment section

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thanks for watching bills are too