How to use Self serve car wash - Car Wash properly 3 steps + Tips, Do's & Don'ts

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I'm going to show you how to use these

self-serve car washes so that you know

what to do what to avoid but most

importantly get great results like us

three wash steps plus one bonus step

that's it when it's time to wash your

car they're generally three main options

most people have manual wash with a hose

and buckets automatic car wash and

self-serve car wash if you have the time

and right tools man you washing is the

best to maintain the paint on your

vehicle plus you will spot things

earlier like chips rust or dings that

you did not know where they're before

and can repair them automatic car washes

are really not that great as they tend

to use soaps that are really harsh check

out what these types of car washes did

to the black chrome trim on my Mercedes

Benz the dealership said it was caused

by soaps used at automatic car washes

self-serve car washes are a great

alternative as it is still a manual car

wash with the exception that you have

the tools to help make it easier to wash

your car properly plus in the places

where you get winter weather it's

impossible to manually wash your car

outside at home when everything is

frozen outside let's get started

fracking creations a youtube variety

channel that touches different parts of

your life while more videos on cars

subscribe to the channel or check out

our website if you can find a newer or

modern self-serve car wash these will

have newer and better equipment like

higher pressure washers animal-hair foam

brush heated water credit card reader

and large base you can use Google Maps

or other reviews online to find the

highly rated one make sure to read some

reviews good and bad comments then check

the busy times to also they should be

well maintained by the owner and staff

when you drive into a bay make sure to

leave enough space at the front for you

to clean the front of the car and the

car mats good car washes will have clips

for you to hang your mats on look for

the control panel this is where you pay

and select which tool you use and also

what comes out of the tool soap water

wax etc credit card ones are easiest to

use for coin-operated ones you will have

to keep an eye on the timer during

washing so that you can add more coins

before the time runs out also this is a

great time to read the instructions and

know where the stop or end button is

when paying my credit card it will

continually charge up your card by the


until you hit the stop button when

you're done to end the charges pay

attention as you near the end of your

watch so that you can stop the machine

near the end of the minute and before

the start of next some machines charge

the next minute before the end of the

current minute so watch out for that too

as you can see this new carwash has many

wash options and tools to tell you the

truth only two tools and three wash

options are used to get the results we

get all other tools and options are not

really necessary to get great results

and don't give you a good return on

money spent we will only use the spray

wand and the soft animal hair foam brush

most people say not to use it but I

disagree watch on as I will discuss this

later note the wash steps I go over next

so that you know which three options to

use some car washes will name the

options differently so you will have to

determine the matching options to the

ones I recommend before you start walk

around the car to note the dirtiest

parts these are the areas where you will

need to focus on more than the areas

that are cleaner the cleaner areas

should get less attention for all the

upcoming steps also hang your floor mats

for cleaning if needed starting with the

high pressure soap will right away start

to remove and wash off the heaviest dirt

and debris on the surface just keep in

mind that it may take a minute before

the soap fully comes through the system

don't use pre-soak as it is a waste of

time and won't help because it uses low

pressure spray you will get more than

enough foam soap from the foam brush

later on set the dial to soap grab the

spray wand then put your payment through

to start the wash if washing your floor

mats then soak them up before continuing

with the car from top to bottom use over

lapping spray with the wand nozzle about

six inches away from the surface work on

a small section at a time so that the

spray is consistent all over work your

way around the whole car and don't

forget the mirrors wheel wells wheels

tires and undercarriage remember the

dirtiest parts of the car that you

checked earlier those areas will need

more attention and more spraying you

will also want to spray into the

crevices where the door jams are the

fuel filler door and also between the

bumper covers and quarter panels

the crevice between the bumper cover and

quarter panels are also placed where

rust likes to form from the inside out

watch our video on rust proofing this

area to prevent rust on your car - yes

use the foam brush most people will

disagree with me and say to avoid this

like the plague it's true that no one

washes these after they use them and

there could be a lot of dirt and sand

inside but let me ask you why not just

clean it before you use it it's no

different than when you clean the wash

mitt when manually washing your car

using the two bucket method the reason

we need to use this is that the high

pressure spray cannot always completely

remove the dirt on the surface

oftentimes after the car dries you will

still see some dirt and streaks leftover

if you don't do the step or do it

properly you need some physical washing

to remove some of the dirtiest parts

just make sure to let enough foam come

out and cover all the bristles before

you get started the foam and water will

act like a lubricant preventing

scratching or damaging of the paint

every now and then clicking some of the

foam and dirt off as you scrub will keep

the brush head clean we always take the

brush out at the beginning and then wash

it thoroughly before starting the foam

brush step after washing the brush set

the dial from soap to foam brush and

start scrubbing gently as I show you

next start from top to bottom working in

sections for this step clean the top

half of the car first

remember again to spend less time on the

cleaner areas and give more attention to

the dirtiest parts of the car then the

bottom half last the bottom half is

usually dirtier so we don't want to

contaminate the brush as we wash cleaner

areas of the car first make sure to

continue to flick some foam and dirt off

the brush regularly after each section

at the very end of this step make sure

to scrub your wheels tires and mud flaps

give the wheels a good scrub and make

sure the long hairs get into the spokes

and the rim scrub the floor mats if

needed holding the brush in this manner

can make it easier next we use the

high-pressure rinse to rinse off the

soap and dirt remaining on the car set

the dial accordingly and use the spray

wand starting from top to bottom rinse

off your floor mats if you soak them up

in step one then move on to the car work

in small sections and make sure to use

an overlapping spray

pattern don't forget to rinse the

mirrors wheel wells wheels tires

undercarriage and crevices as mentioned

in step one now you can stop here and

most people do but if you want to go the

extra mile to get the ultimate shine

finish off the wash by first taking a

large microfiber towel and drying off

the surface we find a large towel to be

easier to use than small towels but you

have to make sure not to drop any part

of it on the ground as it will pick up a

lot of dirt which can scratch the paint

work in sections and note that you do

not need the surface to be completely

dry make sure to wipe the top half of

the car first then the bottom half and

the wheels last you may find that some

trace amounts of dirt su remain and this

drying process will remove the rest of


don't forget the door jams too next use

a premium spray wax with a clean dry

microfiber cloth and follow the

manufacturer's instructions again do the

top half of the car first then the

bottom half we find that the synthetic

spray waxes work great as they are

streak free and can be applied on wheels

plastic and rubber trim too without

getting a white residue the final touch

is a spray or apply tire shine check the

description for the car care products we

recommend using we hope to read comments

of you getting great results using our

car wash method and don't forget to

visit the companion blog post for more

tips not included in this video