Call Center Training: 7 Common Mistakes New Hires Make

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so in this video I am going to talk

about the seven most common mistakes

that I think new hires make during call

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about this because of course if you are

a new hire in a certain in a certain

company you would want to pass your call

center training right I have a video

about that as well put it on the card up

there that you'll see it and you can get

back to it later and of course you

didn't want to make the most out of your

call center training so that you can

learn and have fun as much as you can

and at the same time be guaranteed that

you will pass the call center training

although at this point I personally

cannot guarantee that you you can pass

your call center training unless of

course you do your best and you follow

instructions and regulations so my first

the first common mistake that I think

new hires me is not following

instructions I have been a trainer for a

long period of time and you know even

the simplest instructions really matter

and if you think that instructions are

just that there is actually a reason why

they are called instructions because

they are to instruct you on what to do

or what to do next and therefore you

have to follow those instructions they

are always part of the tests right and

most of even even in college in high

school and in school if you're not

following instructions there is a high

chance you will fail your exam

so it's the same with your call center

training if you don't listen and don't

understand don't comprehend and don't

follow instructions then it can cost you

it can cost you your job the second

common mistake is not working on your

pre-employment requirements as soon as

possible and and saying this because

when I was a new hire I really thought

that I have already completed all the

requirements and I was very diligent

about it but there was this one

requirement that I just did not really

work on because it was a simple

requirement it was just a sketch of

where I lived at that time and then I

did not submit it and I wasn't already

taking calls on the floor when my

supervisor told me that I haven't

submitted that requirement yet so I had

to submit it otherwise I will be issued

a notice to explain and I would be given

a warning just for not submitting that

requirement so don't wait that long

it was good for me because I wasn't

issued an empty E or I wasn't issued a

warning for that but it wasn't good

because I waited does that allow it to

comply with a very simple requirement

and same to you if you can work on that

requirement right away if you have the

resources and there are no life and

life-and-death challenges or hindrance

to that to getting that requirement then

it would be best to comply to it right

away as early as your call center

training number three is having too much

fun I am a big advocate of having fun

during call center training because once

you start taking calls I don't think

you'll have so much time for having fun

because he'll probably have probably be

tired all the time especially with eight

hours or nine hours sitting on your

graveyard shift and talking to customers

over to Flo

especially if your account takes a lot

of calls so it would be best to to have

line as early as call center training

but not to the point that it will harm

you and will hinder your ability to

think straight when you're already in

your call center training a lot of new

hires often have this perception in my

god okay I'm a new hire I'm in constant

training so right after shift we'll have

a drinking session we'll get drunk and

be merry every single day every weekend

so I don't you know I don't think

there's anything wrong with drinking

after shift because I've done that too

or I'm not saying that I'm always right

you know but I just don't think that

there's anything wrong with doing that

after shift what I think that is that is

a mistake or might be a mistake

it's doing it every single day or you

know even if you have an early shift

that can really hinder your performance

because of course as a as someone who's

working in a call center it can get very

toxic and you have to be up at night

it's different when you have to be up

during the day so you have to get as

much sleep and rest as you can because

you will not be able to digest and learn

as much as you can during your call

center training you're always drunk

you're always drinking if you're always

having fun remember that you are in that

call center training to get a job and

not to have too much fun so I hope that

means something before is not asking

questions I am probably one of those

people who don't ask a lot of questions

or are actually maybe I have already

overcome that because I've noticed that

if I am in a certain event or a

gathering where

and the topic is really interesting to

me I would always ask a lot of questions

but you know when you are in cosmetic

training your trainer cannot read your


nobody can totally read your mind so if

you don't ask questions then you will

never know the answer to what's

bothering you or what's lingering in

your mind so ask questions as much as

you can but don't be that annoying

person who asks who asks questions even

when the trainer is still talking so the

best to ask questions if the trainer has

already paused or has already asked you

if you have some questions because of

course you don't want to disrupt the

class by asking that question in the

middle of an explanation right so it's

all about the right timing to ask that

questions so ask away

number five is not treating training

seriously okay so I've seen this happen

a lot when I was a trainer like I've

seen so many trainees who are like

they're just attending training just for

the sake of it or for the heck of it I

don't know what they want to happen to

their lives with their goals really are

but there are some trainees who just

take it too lightly like they just

deliberately sleep in class they

deliberately did not study for exams

they deliberately just did not care I

mean why would you apply and attend a

training if you don't even want that job

you know maybe just do something else

because aside from you are disrespecting

your trainers time and you're

disrespecting your teammates time you

know you are just wasting your time

being there so might as well do

something else if you're not treating

training seriously number six is not

saving money

so yeah it's kind of difficult because

when you're just starting to work you

will have a hard time juggling your

funds or your finances but actually even

though you are already an experienced

worker or you are already taking class

on the floor we still experience you

know difficulties and hardships when it

comes to finances and it comes to our

budgeting or money so I'm saying this

because a lot of trainees when they

start and they're very excited to get

their first day they go on a spending

and shopping spree and I know you

deserve a treat but you also have to

save money because you wouldn't want to

to be absent or to be late in class

because you don't have funds for your

fare or for your transportation and yes

it really happens of course when you

work you have to have money to go to

work you have to have money to get your

Frank your requirements they also cost

money you have to have money for your

allowance and if you don't have extra

funds because you did not save your

previous pay then you will not have that

drive to work even more and to learn in

class because you're just waiting for

the next begging then number seven last

but not the least is not unlearning is

it's given that you will have to learn

when you are in call center training but

this thing is before you entered that

call center training before you enter

that call center company you have

already learned so much perhaps from

your from your job internships from your

previous ojts from college from high

school from your environment you already

have your own perception of things you

have your own background and beliefs of

certain things so listen to this I've

encountered quite a lot of trainees who

would usually stay but miss from what

we've learned from our previous company

or previous job we don't have to do that


okay we appreciate your experience but

you have to understand that the call

center industry is broad

dynamic or ever-changing so do your best

to live in the present and unlearn some

of the things you were used to doing

before you have to be open for new

learnings and that's about it for today

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