What Is The Key to Running a Successful Cafe?

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my name is Nick Gulas and I'm running

silks coffee lounge in the city CBD in

the legal district and I've been running

it for the last six years we used to

make our own biscuits in a previous

business and I know the time and the

effort that's involved in making them

not to mention the cost the best thing

about bite size is the quality it is

very close to home made biscuits the

cafe market in Australia is absolutely

saturated twenty years ago there was one

cafe per area these days there's 20

cafes in an area so cafes naturally have

to stay ahead of the game otherwise I'll

be left behind the key to cafes really

is consistency you know you can do the

little things right you can you can

create a point of difference in your

business but if you're not delivering

that message consistently day in day out