Computer Fundamentals - PDF Format - What is a PDF File? How To Use Create & Make PDF Files in Word

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hi and welcome students in this video

I'm going to be talking to you about PDF

files I'm gonna talk to you about what

they are what they're used for and how

you can create your own PDF files on

your computer let's go ahead and get

started so the first thing that you need

to know is what it stands for which is

Portable Document format it's a very

common file type on a computer and it

uses the PDF file extension well now

that you know that what are the

documents actually used for the main

thing is they preserve the layout

formatting fonts and images within the

document so basically why this is good

is you can create a document and you

know that that document is going to look

the same regardless of any computer that

the person is using so they could be

using a Windows PC a Mac and iPad any

other tablet or even a mobile device and

the PDF is going to look exactly the

same that's why it's really good for

sending documents that you don't want to

be altered

okay so PDF is not primarily used for

editing content can't be changed easily

and the good thing is you pretty much

don't need the Adobe program to actually

view a PDF file

most internet browsers have free viewers

on them so if you're in Google Chrome or

Mozilla Firefox chances are you'll be

able to open a PDF directly from your

internet browser so opening PDF files as

I said you can do it straight from your

browser or you can use a program called

Adobe Acrobat Reader now Adobe Acrobat

Reader is free and available to download

chances are if you've been using a

computer for a while you know about this

and you probably already have it

downloaded on your computer but if not

it's a free download that you can go

ahead and just do a Google search for

and you'll be able to find it without a


so let's talk about opening up PDF files

so whenever you open up a PDF file it's

going to look like the window that you

see here okay now this is a slightly

older version of Adobe PDF but the same

icons still remain now within a PDF you

may find that you are able to edit some

information these are called form fields

so if you have if you see a form field

like on this w-4 form you can see that

you could actually fill out certain

sections of the form so

Adobe PDF can be used for editing but

again it's usually in the form of form

fields all right so the next thing that

you need to know about Adobe PDF is that

you can create PDF files from your PC or

from your Mac alright if you're using

Windows 10 when you go to print out any

type of document you could use PDF as a

printer so you just changed the PD the

printer to PDF and and it will create a

PDF file within Microsoft Office you

could actually go to the file tab and if

you click export it'll say create PDF

slash XPS and you can go in and create a

PDF file now you might be wondering why

would I not just send it in Microsoft

Word well the reasoning for that is well

if you send say your resume in Microsoft

Word well whoever get your resume what

happens if they don't have Microsoft

Word then they might not be able to open

up that file so instead you sent it as a

PDF and you know that they're gonna be

able to open it up also it preserves

again the document formatting so you

know that your resume is not going to

end up with any formatting or font

errors so the last one here that I have

is a Mac and you can actually create a

PDF on a Mac as well it's also within

the print dialog box and if you use the

PDF menu then that will allow you to

change it to a PDF so hopefully this

video has taught you about that PDF file

extension and what it's used for again

think of it as a way to preserve your

document formatting so that your

document looks the same no matter what

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thank you so much for watching and have

a great rest of your day