EC Company Bucket Truck #23 Training Video

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right this bucket truck training 4:23

the dudes the dongs - how - everything

else alright so we parked the bucket

truck where we feel that is where we

need to be to get up and do our work

we've already read the procedures and

we've gotten past the pre-trip we've

gotten past the inspection so we're here

where we're going to start setting up

the bucket truck so that we can do our

work so we're going to be in neutral

we're going to set our emergency brake

right here and then we're going to

football in our deacons and the master

switch so that we can then work from the

back of the rig our next step is going

to set the outriggers and the wheel

chocks and we'll go from there okay so

our first step after we've set the

emergency brake we flip the master

switch and we turn on the beacon come

out here and set the wheel chock so

those on the side of the rig that we're

going to be working on so we're going to

cut them now

after we set those we'll move to the

back of the rig will actually put out

the outriggers so our next step is go

and set the outriggers you have it this

for the right side this one for the left

side we want to make sure that this is

pulled out in order to lower them you

want to lower the outrigger on the side

of the truck that is tilted down the

most we'll raise that one up so that

it's stabilized and then we'll move to

the other side stable that side as well

after your outriggers are down push the

button in that gives power to the

controls on the bucket truck well then

move to the control portion of this map

right before you put the ombré gears

down needed to determine if we have to

lay down landing pad

maybe going into soft soil ready

pavement or any other surfaces that

might be unstable you're going to make

sure that you put your landing pad down

before you put the operator

we got our outriggers down the passes


this is bus

the budget so these are your emergency

controls that are on the bottom lower

portion of the rig you would use these

in a situation where you needed to get

the guy up in the bucket truck down

safely quickly you simply just move it

to lower control and then you would have

these four options available rotation of

the turret clockwise counter clockwise

counter Boone raise or lower lower boom

raise or lower and then extending the

boom or retracting the boom and again

you use these an emergency situation

where you need to mover to get a guy

down out of the air to send the controls

back to the bucket we simply just move

it over to the upper and the guy in the

bucket now has control again


is your train on this bucket truck we

need to remember if we have a ground guy

out with us that we need to go over

these functions forehand is part of the

pretest plan and the alternative in case

something comes down or in case key your

ground guy needs to come in access these

controls from here he needs to know how

to use them and what they're for

so before we get into the bucket we need

to make sure that our harnesses on

properly fit it when you make sure that

the strap is undone that you can go up

as before more work that's done a

harness is on we're going to hop in the

bucket begin our next step so the first

thing I do once I help in the bucket the

tie off the point with my strap then I

can begin using the controls to get up

and do my work so now we're in our

bucket from here we have some choices on

where we want to go up down we want to

extend or rotate our lower boom controls

here our counter boom controllers here

extending rotating the turret and then

we have our platform our actual bucket

we can tilt it to make it more level and

then we can actually turn the bucket

again clockwise or counterclockwise

once we get into our position where we

want to be we can then throttle down and

there's a frontal the engine down make

it a little bit quieter work and to hear

the job side around us so before we head

up we want to make sure we have our

tools every bucket truck should have a

tool tray that stays with it so before

you leave make sure it's in there when

you're done the bucket truck make sure

you put it back in the bucket truck as

we're ready to go up we have our control

we want to then be careful and be aware

of our surroundings we want to make sure

that we're not going to have any pinch

points we want to make sure but we know

our surroundings there's a tree behind

me as they're in the overhead powerlines

that I should be aware of am I going to

be here I'm not going to be next to a

pole or I could pinch my finger over

with my fingers inside the bucket when I

move it preferably up here where I don't

pinch them

have any sort of accident where I run

into anything the bucket truck is a the

toolbox you go on any three sides and I

mean it cannot go on the front he's not

rated for it we want to break it causing


now we're done with our task we're going

to put the bucket truck away the last

thing you want to do is unhook yourself

so take your tools your tool tray any

other item that you have in the bucket

and go ahead and put it off to the side

and then before you exit go in and clip

yourself now you're ready to get out so

once we have our bucket properly stowed

its where it should be on the rest the

bucket itself is on the resting pad

we're going to strap it down get it

ready for tow this prevents the bucket

from bouncing up and down heavily when

we're driving which could damage the

bucket or the arms and then making it

expensive to fix so you have your latch

over there hook it and then tighten it

once you have the bucket tied down and

ready for travel it's time to go ahead

and lift up the outriggers so that we

can prepare to leave we want to make

sure that you pull it out so that you

have controls down here now and then you

just push forward it'll raise the

outriggers up and down there and they're

still position



so our outriggers are up the last thing

we need to do is clean up the pad the

cones and the wheel chocks and then

we'll be ready to move on

take the Outrigger pad make sure it gets

placed back where you got it not in the

back of the rig or in the bucket on the

front combs if you them Gordon there

we'll put away and then lastly the wheel

chock now you're ready to go ahead and

move on to your next task so we've got

the outriggers up we have the pads the

cones and then the other item in the

back cleaned up and strapped down and

ready to go so we come in here we turn

off the master switch we turn off the

beacon removes the emergency brake and

now we're ready to go back to the shop

on to the next task or to finish your

day this has been bucket truck training

for bucket truck 23 you have any other

questions contact your supervisor or the

shop manager have a good day and work