EC Company Bucket Truck #23 Training Video

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right this bucket truck training 4:23

the dudes the dongs - how - everything

else alright so we parked the bucket

truck where we feel that is where we

need to be to get up and do our work

we've already read the procedures and

we've gotten past the pre-trip we've

gotten past the inspection so we're here

where we're going to start setting up

the bucket truck so that we can do our

work so we're going to be in neutral

we're going to set our emergency brake

right here and then we're going to

football in our deacons and the master

switch so that we can then work from the

back of the rig our next step is going

to set the outriggers and the wheel

chocks and we'll go from there okay so

our first step after we've set the

emergency brake we flip the master

switch and we turn on the beacon come