How to use Bosch Tassimo Coffee Maker

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so this is how to use the Bosch Tassimo

coffeemaker and you would have obviously

seen you fill the water in the back yeah

they had this to open up very you have

to lift this silver part first

before could be one that you open

obviously I know them but you need to

open their silver bit and if want to

close it unless you pull the silver bit

down so it's Oliver swift action so you

lift one thing I have learned from this

Tassimo coffeemaker is with the pods

these are the pods it reads it has the

passcodes barcode scanning inside so it

reads these barcodes so we know what

drink and how much water etc now one

thing I have learned is make sure the

disk goes in exactly when it pierces the

hole you could place it in here I have

woken up some mornings half asleep and

accidentally just slightly put it to the

left try to close it and it pierced the

hole in the wrong place I've then

readjusted it closed it make the drink

and the coffee just farted out

everywhere all over so it is important

to actually just make sure that it is

imperfectly in that slot if it could not

be fit in the slot and it can't move and

you can't there's no adjustment and you

can't move it's imperfect Swift hand

movement close the Machine the green

light should come on this means it is

working on if the red light comes on at

the bottom here then there's two things

one red light new means it needs water

in the back which you should know

because you will be able to see this the

red light here with the three lines

means the machine needs cleaning now we

will get to that in another video but

this is very important the tea disc that

comes with the machine I've actually

helped to buy it to replace my ones of

these now because they have been

accidentally cut

a wave by other members of my household

so this is an these cost like seven

eight pound each so it's very important

to keep hold of this or keep on paying

like seven bucks to replace it all the

time so this is in literally just press

the button this one on 19 is a morning

morning cafe it's actually afternoon but

then literally it's just you can hear

that then we can hear the noise it's

actually the barcode reader making this

noise when I first got the machine off

or oh the machine is gonna explode but

that's just the barcode reader going

across reading and scanning the barcode

on the disk because it has these bark

okay it's just a scanner


whilst may whilst making the coffee you

can look inside the carpet if you want a

really sort of a stronger bond or you

don't want to cut build up too much you

can actually press this button and I you

can press it now and then it will stop

so the level of the actual coffee you

want or you can let it run I'm only

wanting a small coffee so what I'm going

to do is I'm just going to press that

now I didn't let the cycle finish but

that's because I don't really want a

full cup of coffee right now but it will

get to the end and finish the cycle so

you don't actually have to do that

unless you actually want to control the

level or the amount of drink in the

garden and then you just simply lift off

and then take out the disc you can see

where its Pierce to hold there are some

videos I've seen on YouTube of how to

refill these using some gorilla tape

over the top and read for the number yep

and then literally just close the

Machine and one perfect coffee