Film Craft 107: The Location Sound Mixer - 8. Operating a Boom Mic

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operating the shotgun mic on a boom pole

is also very challenging not only

because it requires holding the pole

over your head for extended periods of

time while keeping absolutely still but

also because it requires intense

concentration and focus on the scene now

while it's true that a shotgun mic can

record sounds from a distance the

quality of the sound does diminish

significantly the farther away you are

so your first goal is still to get that

mic as close as possible to the subjects

mouth you'll be able to get a lot closer

during close-ups then during wide shots

and that's okay your editors likely

aware of that fact and so she's going to

try and use the audio from the close-ups

whenever possible however within a give

and take it's important that you keep

the mic a constant distance from the