How To Operate A JLG 450 AJ Series II Boom Lift

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hey welcome back everybody to a brand

new episode of stony bonehead Gainey

I'm your host today Stoney bonehead and

today I have a little treat for you you

I'm gonna show you guys how to operate a

JLG 450 AJ series - boom lift here we

are in 4x4 and it doesn't go very fast

now here we have the blue and we have

the red squares the blue square is for

your boom operation in the red squares

for ground control you can control

everything in this lift from the ground

or from the boom before I get started

and pulling the trigger and startin this

machine up I am going to give it a quick

inspection make sure there are no leaks

to the hydraulics no broken wires and

make sure that when I write close this

back up that exhaust pipe right there

goes right back into that hole the way

it's supposed to and there's the safety

switch got to pull that up get all the

alerts go in and wait for the fuel pump

okay and this is the double lockout

mechanism that makes sure that I don't

bounce out of the bucket it's attaches

to my safety harness and here is the

foot pedal you have to engage the foot

pedal before any other joystick

operation will take control it's kinda

like a clutch and there on the left

stick is the boom joystick there's all

of my articulations in the middle and on

the right hand side here is another

joystick I pull up and then I push and I

can drive the thing I love it it's four

by four all the time all-wheel drive and

on the top buttons there's on you'll see

is a right and left and that's how I

actually steer this machine is just

pushing the buttons

and what I'm going to show you here okay

there's a boom control and you can't

really see it but I'm pulling up on it

at the same time that I'm pushing

forward and to the side and I'm gonna

get myself a little bit closer to the

building here I'm going to be using the

basket rotation I can articulate it to

the left and to the right and then I'm

gonna boom out I'm gonna get myself

closer to the building here that little

switch right there pulls the boom in and

out and there's another one there that

will bring me straight up and down

without having to joystick it I kind of

cheated and I've already got us up there

a little bit more you can see the second

stage of the boom is lifted and you need

to watch below don't want to crush

anybody that would be sad and here again

we go there's the pulling up see there's

the pulling up you got to do that on

both the sticks there's a little pulling

up action that has to occur and I can

get this thing going a whole lot faster

however I like to take it really slow

this thing does not have shocks it

doesn't have suspension it's a 4x4

tractor pretty much you don't want to

bounce in it it's not very comfortable

and you can get hurt

it will fling you outside the basket

should you hit a bump wrong or something

however this is pretty muddy so it's

probably a good idea that I just kind of

take it easy anyways there's a lot of

new pipes a lot of soft soil and

everything else going on in there so

slow is the way to go there's this

beautiful building that I'm looking at

I've been working on it's all nice and

clean and the sealed again here is the

hook plate for my lockout

double lockout

keeps me nice and safe and now I'm on

the sky Jack this is a different type of

lift it's completely electric pretty

much just have to get up here make sure

that the red button isn't pushed all the

way down and there is one control here

that is most important it'll shift me

from using the joystick making me go up

or down or it will make it to where if I

slide the button the other direction I'm

actually driving at that point so I'll

show you now I'm going down let go of

that toggle there we go I mean switch

that toggle over and now I'm going to be

backing up there's a little switch on

this handle too

it's kind of instinct to be just grab it

I hope you guys enjoyed that

and found it informative if you did

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