How to Operate a Bobcat // Skid Steer Training

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everyone welcome to this episode inside

the sandbox today we're gonna show you

how to operate a skid steer so yes

you've seen a lot of our other how-to

videos we love the feedback we get thank

you guys for giving us the comments this

episode we don't have skid steers off

out at our site very often so we do have

this out here for a special event so we

thought we'd do a how-to we we did run

skid steers for many many years before

but now we don't so we brought the

Sooner in for a special event we thought

we'd do a great how-to video for you a

couple of things first we've already

done the the pre inspection on the

equipment I think that's really key is

to check out your equipment the pre-op

inspection is key we also are in a

controlled environment here so we're

gonna be doing some scoops showing you