How to Operate a Bobcat Skid Steer

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okay Steve our bobcat skid-steer loaders

arrived let's go ahead and get it

unloaded alright so time to get started

great so I've got the keys how do I get

in this thing now okay we're ready to go

ahead and get into the machine and I'll

show you a few components of the cab

area okay

step up on the steps grab the grab

handles step on into the cab and turn as

you're getting

okay so let's talk about a few of the

internal components to the cab you have

a lever over here on the left hand side

of the seat that moves it four and a

half he can get yourself comfortable in

there just like your pickup truck yeah

if you look up on the right-hand side

you'll see the key switch okay so that's

where you're going to put your key way

up here down here is your manual