How to Operate a Mini-Excavator: The Bobcat Guy

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I've mentioned this to Keith before on

this channel oh man I tell you this

water is really good in the summertime

and if yeah if any use guys are

interested in learning how to operate an

excavator or a bobcat I'd like to know

I'd love to have one of these machines

but I don't know how hard it is to

operate when you watch Keith operate the

Bobcat machinery

you know the excavator or the skid steer

it looks like it's just an extension of

his hands moving there and everything

but you know I think it's harder not I

don't know how hard it is and I'd like

to know how many people be interested in

watching Keith do a bid on how to

operate the machinery you know how hard

it is


hey guys so I'm back I'm going to show

you a little bit of safety in the piece

of equipment itself of course I'm not

going to start it because I have my

camera crew on the front bang and I

don't want to kill spudgy because we hit

the film leader so with this running

these controls operate the stick but

with this in the up position this thing

could be running and I could be doing

anything and nothing to move it's a

safety feature so when you want to go

into operation mode you put this down

now physically if the piece of equipment

was running anything I touch would make

this thing move the two sticks on the

front here to drive the tracks similar

to a bobcat and you want to go back you

pull back you want to go forward and

pull forward and if you want to turn

right left same things in a bobcat

knowing differences the Bobcat leaver

hero here this control here is to move

the main stick and I'll show you that

here in a bit if you pull back on it

it'll lift up the biggest arm towards

the cap and if you pull back on this

this will move the second arm back

towards the cap and vice versa if I push

this ahead it will lower that first

stick if I push this ahead it will push

out that other stick now towards the

curling of the bucket that's side to

side on this one

so you can curl the bucket in curl the

bucket out and this one here will

actually turn the cab itself will show

you a little bit of a nod after we

reposition the cameraman because I want

him to be safe that's most important

thing here these videos are fun but I

don't want to hear anybody on this thing

it has lower hydraulics so there's a

button you hear when it's running you

can push and then I can operate the

thumb on the front and I'll show you a

little bit about that plus a tilt

attached on the bucket which we probably

won't to show you that today but for

different reasons this cab is fully

air-conditioned all these doors and

everything come down and closed up it's

got a full stereo system and you can

easily work in this machine 10 to 12

hours pretty comfortably

you know working on an average bass so

what we're going to do is we're going to

reposition here and then I'm going to

fire this up and just show you a little

bit through the side door of how some of

the stuff runs so you can actually see

it ready all right so I'm back in the

cab we repositioned child 33 so he's

safe in the back of a secured location

to shoot this film so don't kill and

yeah machine to start to easy key and

now with this lever down everything is

active I can this up to say with the

sleeve seam line so when you're doing it

I can raise it up

that works really really good here on

uneven ground but it's beside the

stabilizing you're diggin and carrying a

big load of dirt nothin doin truckers up

it's like state laws are possibly to

push in trenches and stuff like that

like I was saying with this dick as you

pull the stick back in this the main

boom up okay so that's all of you and

right now is control in this loop I'm

not cutting the other one this one here

you click forward it goes down pull back

it goes back now the reason it sounds

like it's drugs it is because I got your

rpms down so you guys can actually hear

up when it didn't pull won't hear

there's no leg so now with this wound

here when you pull it back and lose that

secondary varmint then also goes in and


now I going shown with another control

gear side-to-side you move this going

side to side it'll curl the pocket back

of the court

and when you move is others big sides

inside now you see me give it away from

ya and vice versa back


so when you're digging kind of a limit

post stuff all over gather like I'm

going to turn this up a little level

better response like I want to scrape

the ground

it's a fluid go sleep all together

and I don't want to take this drought

and get me into a first goal an

incentive scrape and Lincoln straight

for a stop that's kind of what I'm

trying to show you here the food motion

of all hands it is so it's so different

after you learn how to do it no

different than sitting at the supper

table and eating you don't think about

it it just happens but it is that it

takes time but it's not

I definitely don't expect the Bunji to

be able to do what I can do because I've

been running this machine for I've had

my company 10 years before I own my

company around one of these for two

years created the rec center working for

another company I was in charge of all

the plumbing diggin and we're talking

super confined areas underneath roofs

and trusses and you had to dig in

between so I had lots of experience to

do it so that's why we're in a wide-open

area here and now we're going to put

cell 33 in here and see what he can do






let me audition I come on let me give