A Grapple on a Bobcat In Use

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a grapple on a bobcat is a very useful

tool for a tree farm tree farms generate

a lot of trees that are off quality or

broken or dead or deer damaged that need

to be pulled out and burned at times

because piles of this material can end

up in the hedgerows and what we do is

once in a while we create a burn pile

and we just tear apart the the hedgerows

with debris in them and bring them over

to our burn pot we like to separate out

the dirt a little bit so that we can

reuse the dirt and filling in holes that

we have in the field and we burn the

rest of the material that can be burned

the reason we like to burn this material

is it does Harbor all kinds of pathogens

bugs beetles and also things such as

rabbits and mice so it's a good idea to

keep a tidy yard but you can't be a

hundred percent tidy or else you don't