How to Operate a Bobcat Skid Steer

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okay Steve our bobcat skid-steer loaders

arrived let's go ahead and get it

unloaded alright so time to get started

great so I've got the keys how do I get

in this thing now okay we're ready to go

ahead and get into the machine and I'll

show you a few components of the cab

area okay

step up on the steps grab the grab

handles step on into the cab and turn as

you're getting

okay so let's talk about a few of the

internal components to the cab you have

a lever over here on the left hand side

of the seat that moves it four and a

half he can get yourself comfortable in

there just like your pickup truck yeah

if you look up on the right-hand side

you'll see the key switch okay so that's

where you're going to put your key way

up here down here is your manual

throttle by turning that to the right

that raises the engine rpm up in the

very right-hand side you'll see the

right hand dashboard and then over on

the left hand side is the left hand

dashboard that's where all of your

gauges will be visible the next

components are the joystick controls all

right the left joystick is going to

control the movement of the loader the

forward and backward and left and right

okay so this is what I'm at about me

driving forward backward left right with

okay exactly the right joystick is going

to control your boom and your bucket

function okay

right over your your right hand shoulder

there is the bobcat skid-steer loader

operator handbook familiarize yourself

with the components and the operation of

the machine you've always got that

operator handbook right there behind you

so go ahead and fasten your seatbelt I'm

going to have you go ahead and turn the

key to the start position and start the

loader see far down

push your press to operate button

with the right joystick let's raise the

boomed about operator eye level pivot

the joystick to the left and that will

curl the bucket and pivot to the

joystick to the right and that would

dump the bucket back the loader up by

pulling the left joystick slightly


pivot the joystick and turn the machine

to the left

pivot the joystick to the other

direction and turn to the right any time

you take your hands off the controls

those control levers are going to return

to neutral it just immediately stops

that's the safe that's the safe guard