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all right so this is your standard

Bobcat compact tractor as you can see it

is a very small very square very compact

tractor specifically made for tight


now one thing you need to be aware of

when driving and operating this

particular vehicle is that the engine is

in the rear of the tractor which means

that it is very heavy to the rear of the

vehicle so when you're going over hills

or bumps it is very likely to tip

backwards now it does have a small

bumper there so it's not going to

completely fall over backwards unless

you're going up a rather steep hill but

it will tip backwards and that is

something to be aware of and not to get

scared of because when you get scared

you're tend to slam on the levers and do

stupid things okay so this is the act

quite compact model they make much

larger versions of this tractor in order

to access the engine compartment you are

going to come over to the rear hatch and

you will see that there is a indentation

right here so what you're gonna do is

you're gonna reach in there and you're

going to find a lever you're going to

pull it towards yourself and then the

door comes open so this is a large steel

heavy door and then here we can see our

diesel engine now if you're having

trouble starting your tractor what

you're going to need to do is come to

your fuel valve here you're gonna turn

the valve open a little bit and then

you're going to pump down here you're

gonna pump this several times what's

gonna happen as fuel is going to squirt

out of a little hole in here which is

going to eliminate any air bubbles that

are in your fuel lines and that will

allow your tractor to start much easier

that's a little trick that you should

know if you're gonna operate this

tractor because a lot of times you're

gonna have trouble starting it and it's

simply because there's air in the lines

other than that you're not really gonna

mess with much back here unless you need

to do maintenance on it ok so when you

go to actually get

the tractor you're going to enter it by

stepping on the bucket and then you're

simply going to go in and sit in the

seat now it's a lot like driving a

spaceship in some ways so what you

actually have to do in order to start

this of all you're going to swing down

the safety bar this tractor will not

operate at all unless the safety bar is

close sensors down here on the sides

that tell the tractor when the safety

bar is down you don't have to buckle the

seat belt but you do have to lower the

safety bar so once you've gotten and

you've lower the safety bar you're gonna

look up and to your upper left is going

to be your key now because this is a

diesel tractor you're going to need to

turn it to the run position which will

warm the glow plugs so I'm just gonna do

that right now and it will make a

beeping noise so I always leave it there

for a minute now I am low on fuel which

is why it's beeping so over here to my

right is the instrument cluster which

tells you everything you need to know so

right now you can't really see it

because it's pretty dark but it's

beeping that there is low fuel so I'm

just gonna turn that off so that does

not continue to bother us okay so once

you've entered your tractor you have two

levers you have a lever to your right

and a lever to your left now these

levers are what control your wheels so

these are going to be your steering

levers so when you push your left lever

forward the wheels on the left of the

tractor move and when you push your

right lever forward the wheels on the

right of the tractor move now your feet

there are two pedals down here at your

feet these pedals are what operate the

bucket so your left pedal is going to

lift the entire bucket arm up and down

it's going to lift it up by pushing on

the rear of the pedal and it's going to

push it down by pushing on the front of

the panel now your pedal to the right is

what controls the tilt and angle of the

bucket by pushing the front of the pedal

you angle the bucket down and by pushing

the rear of the pedal you angle the

bucket up okay so the last control you

need to know about is the throttle now

the throttle is right here so when it's

pushed all the way back towards the rear

of the tractor that is at low speed and

once pushed all the way up that is at

top speed

so when you go to start the tractor you

need to make sure this is all the way in

the low position you don't want to start

the tractor up with the engine in full

throttle the last control you need to

know about is the parking brake so this

is a parking brake right down here by

your right foot when you push this

parking brake forward that puts the

parking brake on so now your tractor

your hydraulics everything are locked up

and when you push it back that releases

it so you now can control everything so

that's released well those are the

pretty much the only controls you need

to know for operating this tractor it

does take some practice to get it done

correctly one thing to be aware of you

hit any bump the tractor will bounce and

if you hit a significant bump the

tractor will bounce like a bucking

bronco and you have the potential to

either flip the tractor or just

generally hurt yourself

so be very careful with that so I'm

gonna start up a tractor so what I'm

going to do is I'm going to turn my key

to the run position which allows the

glow plugs to warm up now I've been

operating this for a while so it doesn't

need to warm up for very long you never

want to start the tractor up with the

engine in full throttle as that's just

very bad for your engine okay so now

that I have everything ready I've

checked that the throttle is in low

position and I have my safety bar down I

have all the controls in my controls so

now I'm gonna start the tractor so to do

that you simply turn the key like you

would in a car now that I have the

tractor running I'm just going to show

you so when I push on the rear foot

pedal so I'm

push down you can see the bucket goes up

when I push forward with my I push on

the toe with my boot the bucket goes

down and so that is the left control

that is the left foot pedal for the

right foot pedal when I push down with

my heel the angle of the bucket goes up

when I push down with my toe the angle

of the bucket goes down it's really very

simple you just have to get used to it

now as for the now as for the the wheel

levers which on either side when I push

on the left lever

my tractor spins to the right when I

push on the right lever

my tractor spins to the left okay so now

when you want to go forward so if you

just want to go straight forward you're

going to pull both levers so you're

gonna push both levers forward or rear

at the same time so pulling a bulb back

he's going to put bring you backwards

like so and pushing the boat forward is

going to roll you forwards like so and

here is my throttle control so you can

see when I push this forward the engine

gets a lot louder I pull it back the

engine settles down so that's how you

guys use that so when you're going to go

to operate it you push it forward to get

the engine at a good speed and then you

simply use it you don't usually want to

use the tractor with the engine at a

real low speed because it just doesn't

work very well all right well there you

go that's a super basic operators course

in how to run the bobcat compact tractor

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