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so welcome guys my name is Alan and just

a dog will simply be seen on how you can

connect your mobile smartphone to a

Bluetooth speaker now here I have the

JBL flip 3 this is a awesome Bluetooth


I want to simply play all my videos and

songs on those Bluetooth speaker now how

do I go about doing that

first of all I turn on bluetooth for

both devices both my mobile as well as

the Bluetooth speakers so let me turn

this on first turned on and yeah this is

already turned on I will just turn it

off and turn it on again so turned on so

now that they have been turned on it

will simply not start showing those

device what you need to do is you also

need to turn the Bluetooth on for this

device you can see this start thing has

now started becoming blue and you also

need to kind of click on this small icon

here and which was now made this device

bluetooth ready and ready to be

discovered by any of the other Bluetooth

devices now if I go here and I just met

on this Bluetooth again and it will

bring this device up again let me zoom

in and just show me this is basically

JBL clip 3 this device I will just click

on this and then you can see it's trying

to pair it up and you know a few moments

there you go it's now being connected

now what I can do is I will just I will

just pause and play one of my YouTube

video speed so this are all my videos

and let me just see if I can play this

and this is actually from the Bluetooth

speaker I can increase the volume and I

was trying to connect to those Bluetooth

devices to my laptop I am running

Windows 7 Windows PC unfortunately this

PI so they you guys they go back


I hope that your now how you can connect

your Bluetooth speaker to your mobile

smartphone you can pretty much do the

same for a laptop and other electronic

devices I believe and that should be it

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making more of the students I hope you

enjoyed watching it as much as I enjoyed

making it thank you