How to Use a BISSELL Carpet Cleaner

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Are you ready for a better way to keep your carpets clean and fresh? Then you're ready

for the power and simplicity of deep cleaning with BISSELL.

It's so easy. Just start by clearing the room. And pre-treating heavy traffic and badly stained

areas. Get your machine ready by filling the clean water pouch with hot tap water.

The BISSELL deep cleaner features a tank-in-tank system, which means only one tank to carry

to the sink.

There's heavy-duty inner pouch for clean water. And as you clean, dirty water collects in

the tank around the pouch. Always keeping clean and dirty water separate.

Next, fill the formula tank by filling water to the water line and formula to the formula

line. Now set the custom clean dial and ready tools dial to floor cleaning.

Now that you're machine is prepped. You're ready to go. Plug in and turn on the power

and heater. While holding the trigger down, make one slow wet pass forward and back. Let

go of the trigger and make a dry pass over the same area to suction up the dirt and water.

Repeat as needed until no more liquid is being pulled up.

How does it work? BISSELL's advanced cleaning formula is injected deep into your carpet

fibers. Dual-rotating brushes agitate and loosen harmful dirt and ground-in grit. Then

powerful suctions lifts it all away.

When the dirty water has reached the fill line, it's time to empty the tank. Just remove

the tank from the base and carry it to the sink to pour out the dirty water. Refill and

repeat as needed.

If cleaning hard-to-reach areas, stairs, or upholstery attach your desired tool to the

end of the hose and set the ready-tools dial to tools.

Save time, money and effort with the BISSELL PROHeat 2X. The power of deep cleaning at

your finger tips any time you need it.

BISSELL. A deeper clean.