Seven key components to open a BBQ restaurant

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Oh have I been sick and that's why there

hasn't been any videos I feel like my

glasses are crooked today um anyway yeah

you know the whole

fever that whole thing but I'm back and

today's topic is something that we

unintentionally spend probably 10 15

maybe even 20 hours a week over at our

company primitive pits which primitive

pits is my day job where we build offset

smoker so mainly for the commercial

sector so there isn't a day that goes by

that we don't feel the multitude of

calls talking specifically about

barbecue smokers but about one third of

those calls always morph into questions

about barbecue operation we send

multiple pits commercial pits out every

week and some of those go to

well-established barbecue joints some of

them go to people who worked in