How To Open A Barbershop Step By Step

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hey what's going on guys J here from

easy blaze shaving products calm and

today we're gonna show you how to open

up a barber shop check it out first and

foremost you're gonna need to furnish

the place I would say go to a quality

store and get quality furniture because

a lot of times you buy stuff off the

internet which is nothing wrong with

buying stuff off the internet but a lot

of times you can get cheap stuff and you

can't feel it and it can break down

those are very important become a member

your guys are gonna be using these

chairs you know everyday and really

really really put into work in it let's

share is a tool a barber chair is a tool

so you want to be careful with that you

don't want to buy something that's too

cheap and then it breaks down and then

you gotta buy another one so you want to

make that initial investment the first

time and the only time and the same

thing goes for barber stations guys make

sure that you get quality barber

stations you want to make sure they're

really really good because a lot of time

the drawers can get messed up on the

stations you do know what cabinets could

get messed up in the past I've owned a

barber shop over ten years and I must

have went through a couple pieces of

furniture you know I didn't do it right

the first time so I'm talking from

experience so you definitely wanna make

sure you get something that's very very

quality alright guys now you got your

furniture you're good to go

you got your location obviously if

you're buying furniture for the store

next thing you want to do is worry about

licensing licensing is very important in

any state you want to make sure the

license is correct because a lot of

times a State Board will come and come

check on you guys and make sure that the

licenses are correct so a lot of people

that are non barbers are probably

watching this video as well and they

just want to open up a shop they want to

make an investment so you want to make

sure that you always have licensed

barbers on hand here in New York we're

located in New York City you have to

have a master barbers available at the

shop at all times so you can have a

licensed barbers but if they're not

licensed barbers then you can't really

do anything with them you always have to

have them master barber there and you

can have the princess under them I don't

know exactly how it works for every

state which you can go ahead and go to

Google and Google which state it is and

make sure to see what type of licenses

you have to have and that should be good

next will be the cost and the cost of

things I know a lot of people that are

grabbing this video right now just

wondering how much was something like

this course

you can get above a shop anywhere

between this is on the lowering guys you

can go from 15,000 you can go all the

way it's a 45 50 thousand so it all

depends how you want to open up his shop

how much money you want to put in it and

I know a lot of people like to start

small when I opened a bookshop 10 years

ago when I did have a shop I started off

small and this is why I said I went

through so many changes with the shop

because I kind of grew with the shop so

it's always good to start small

start with a small investment but if you

have the money go for it get whole

quality stuff like I've mentioned and

make sure you get all quality stuff

because you're gonna have to give it

twice if you do survive the barber shop

okay guys you got your barber shop you

got your location you're all ready to go

next thing you need of course is barbers

okay guys picking barbers is very hard

you want to make sure that you have a

set of skill barbers a lot of people

think that are not in devolver in

industry think that you can just go

ahead and open up a shop and just put a

bunch of bulbs in there the problem is

it's a service so you need people with a

good skill of okay they have to be

skilled barbers so you want to make sure

that you find somebody skilled yeah you

can go to barber schools and just pick

up a bunch of barbers and put them in

there but you will have to know how to

train those guys and you will have to

train them fast because you don't want

anybody in learning on anybody's hair

you know what I mean so you want to make

sure that you pick up a skilled set of

barbers and it could be tough at times

because a lot of skill barbers don't

know how to do teamwork so you're gonna

have to basically learn how to train a

team and have this togetherness because

the industry you know it's like that

sometimes you got to make sure that you

find people that are willing to work

together and really really you know do

their thing together and create a team

so it's all about team guys so once you

get those barbers you want to bring and

create a team of barbers that want to

work together and that's the tough part

that's the challenge of having a

successful barber shop everybody is

their own boss in the shop everybody is

like nobody's a worker everybody's you

know you need these guys to work the

shop you need them

it's a service so it's not like a

product you're not gonna just have you

know if you can't just do a bunch of

products on a shelf and the products

work for you you can hire a cashier and

you're good to go it doesn't work like


you need professional barber too but I

know what they're doing those are people

that are going to attract the attract

the customers in there and keep the

customers coming back so you can't just

throw people in the shop in the chair

and say all right cut these guys here

the customers won't come go back to the

shop and a lot of days with stuff like

the elk people will leave bad reviews

for you and your business will you know

go bad so you want to make sure you got

the quality good set of Baldrige okay

guys you got your license in you got

your business you got your quality

furniture you got a great team of

barbers now how are you gonna get

customers in the door that'll be one of

the number one questions people ask well

nowadays you got advertisements like

Facebook Yelp another one and you want

to go ahead and you want to place ads on

these platforms Facebook a lot of people

who think it would be hard but there's a

bunch of disorders you can watch and

learn how to do that or you can hire an

agency to go ahead and do that for you

and you can basically have a local ad

where people in the local area will see

your advertisement and show your team of

oliver's that's why having a good team

of barbers is very important because

they can see the quality work that your

barbers are you know showing and you can

go ahead and promote those quality

pictures and those quality quality

images of your shop on your Facebook

advertisement and now to bring in a lots

and lots of customers for you guys it

could take time it could be a little

costly but it's all possible guys and

like I said you can go ahead and put ads

on Yelp as well and that when somebody

goes ahead and search for barber shop in

the area they can find you guys my Yelp

you can be the first one to pop up and

there you go you can have customers in

and out the door guys

okay guys hope this video helped you

guys out a lot Shay here from easy blade

shaving products calm I will talk to you

guys soon leave a comment below go ahead

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you guys talk to you soon