The Number 1 Success Secret To Bar & Restaurant Business

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now there's a lot of opinions out there

about what it takes to be really

successful in the bar in a restaurant

business but I want to tell you what I

believe it takes to be the most

successful now I've gone from nearly

closing my doors to doubling my sales

and tripling my loyal customers within

just eight short months and all that

happened because I focused on one key

strategy and I'm hoping today that you

know you're going to agree with me and

take my advice because honestly I've

seen this strategy increase my clients

sales by twenty-five percent in just

three months time if you're having a

hard time believing that you can watch

the video where Andy Stiles from Stiles

public-house says so on my website

anyways that there's no denying you know

that you need to have good service or

good food if you have a kitchen and

serve food in yes good location that's a

plus but that doesn't necessarily make

you a success or not a success and

there's also all different types of bars

and restaurants too so I don't really

want to say that you have to have a very

clean in elegant place because you

really don't have to have that to be

successful I mean there's tons of dive

bars out there that aren't so clean that

you know aren't the cleanest places in

the world that do extremely well better

than some of the nicer places in the

reason for this is because of what I'm

about to tell you now instantly you're

say yeah Nick you know this is common

sense but I can guarantee that you're

probably not doing this as I'm going to

explain so here it is the number one

thing that you need to do to be very

successful in the bar in restaurant

business is to have a massive customer

base of customers that looks at you the

owner or even the manager as friends or

family now there's no denying that

people do business with people who they

like and trust

however most owners don't focus on that

and then you know think about the owners

who have multiple locations and are not

able to be there all the time then how

do you do this you know I'll tell you in

just a second but when you're able to

build trust

in credibility with each person who

walks in your door or who comes to your

website you've got the piece to the

puzzle that can make your business a

huge success and being able to to build

trust and credibility that creates

relationship say that again

relationship and this is critical to

your success because relationship can be

built you know without you even meeting

these customers face to face how by

having a automated way to capture your

customers information by offering them

something of value and then following up

with them with a marketing message that

hits their emotions and instantly gets

them to like you and trust you a

marketing message that you know makes

them want to do business with you in

this simple little system right here

we'll bring you more profits for the

rest of your life than anything you

could do in your business and if you're

you know more focused on providing value

trust credibility to your customers your

existing customers and new customers

while still being able to provide a good

experience then you've got every single

piece to the puzzle that you need to be

a huge success now if you have a way of

creating trust and credibility with your

customers I'd like you to leave a

response below my youtube channel so

everyone else can see what else they

could do in their business to build a

better more profitable bar-restaurant


we'll see you on the next episode