Sawmill School - Making Your First Cut on Your Sawmill

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hi I'm Dave poison spotter topology fun

portable sawmill and this is a special

video it's for you people that are

thinking about getting a sawmill or

you've got your sawmill set up and

you're ready to catch your first log

kind of wanting to know what to expect

and it's an exciting time so let's get

that first log up there and start making

some sawdust the first thing you want to

do and have your log stopped pulled up

so if your log doesn't go rolling off

the mill so we're all set up now and I'm

going to bring that log around and get

her load it up

the next step is to clamp that log down

and then we'll make some decisions about

how we're going to cut it up there's no

substitute for a good can hook if you

don't have one get one it makes a rule