Cat 420E backhoe tutorial

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hey guys hey my name is Travis fault


I'm an owner of strategem builders I

just kind of wanted to come in today

I rented a backhoe and I was gonna just

give a quick tutorial on how to run it

working on digging a foundation for a

house that I'm building so you're in the

process of building the house or just

want to do a small projects watch my

videos I got a lot of stuff on here that

I think you'll like and I'll have a lot

more to come so subscribe if you want to

watch my videos hopefully you like them

I like them alright guys so here's the

420 'i cat backhoe it's got the bucket

on the back and the bucket on the front

a pretty good sized backhoe you see on

this side this is the enclosed one it's

got a nice radio inside can you listen

to tunes while you're digging your dirt