How to put together the BabyTrend EZ Ride Stroller & Car Seat

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okay I'm gonna show you how to put this

Vegas Rolo together for strolling car

seat that we purchased for armies it's

pretty simple to do you don't need no

tools everything just snaps in place

this is the manual right here it shows

you the parts our replacement parts if

you need to get additional stuff but it

should take probably about 30 minutes to

put this together it's really simple

like I said you just snap things in and

you have release buttons everything the

first thing you want to do is take this

part right here just take that off and

make sure you cut all the tire out so

there's a few tie wraps on here and

everything just springs into place you

just start matching things in and you

can hear when they snap in it's pretty

simple and as you can see you probably

hear a few of the snaps going in and