How To Use An Air Compressor

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today we're gonna talk about how to use

an air compressor this would be a super

quick and basic intro to how to use the

air compressor what the functions are

and how to set them so let's just get a

lot closer and take a look at it okay so

first I guess we just go over very

basics this is a power cord okay it's

probably too basic

power switch off on okay right here is a

little blow-off feed valve so I'll show

you that in a minute and we're gonna

have one one host hook up here and one

host hook up here okay

this we have two gauges on this it's a

pretty very basic standard setup for an

air compressor okay you can have your

main tank pressure which will tell you

which one it is right if your tank

pressure means how much pressure is in

the main tank down here okay and then